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Ways to Use Hot Sauce While There’s a Sriracha Shortage

A glass bottle of hot sauce sits in front of a wooden bowl of chilis.

Sriracha lovers across the world are struggling right now. There’s nothing quite like the famed rooster sauce, and, unfortunately, there’s currently a sriracha shortage thanks to production and ingredient issues. To diehard sriracha fans, nothing can replace the spicy, tangy feel of rooster sauce. But, it might be time to get creative with other hot sauces.

Sriracha sauce is typically used as a condiment. It goes well on eggs, pizza, burgers, and just about anything else you could think of. But, while there’s a sriracha shortage, why not try different hot sauce uses? Let’s cover a few ideas that might spark your spicy creativity.

Marinate Your Meat

A bowl of chicken marinates in spices.

Hot sauce is an incredible marinade if you’re looking to add flavor and heat to every bite of your meat. Most hot sauces contain quite a bit of vinegar. The vinegar actually works to break down the proteins in things like chicken and steak. Not only will that make the meat more tender, but it will allow the flavor of the sauce to penetrate more deeply.

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Make a Spicy Cocktail

Bloody mary garnished with celery sticks and pickles
Arina P Habich/Shutterstock.com

Some people add a dash or two of Tabasco to a Bloody Mary while others opt for sriracha sauce. But, you can do so much more than that.

Hot sauce drinks are having a moment. Play around with flavors to make your own signature cocktail using a bit of heat. Or, look around for existing recipes, like this vodka-based cocktail that blends the sweetness of simple syrup and blackberries with just a touch of heat from hot sauce. It’s a perfect balance that will wow your guests at any dinner party!

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Make a Fiery Fondue

Pot of cheese fondue with two pieces of crusty bread being dipped

Looking for something to pair with hot sauce drinks? There’s nothing more romantic or indulgent than fondue. If you’re planning a date night, consider adding a few dashes of hot sauce into your melty cheese (or even chocolate!). It’ll add an extra “kick” that will really help to spice things up. Plus, the vinegar can help to cut through the richness of the cheese, so it won’t feel as “heavy.” As far as we’re concerned, that means you can eat more!

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Make a Real “Hot” Chocolate

Mug of hot chocolate with cayenne

People have been adding spices to chocolate for centuries. A touch of cayenne pepper can bring out deeper, richer flavors in chocolate and create the perfect balance of sweetness and heat.

With fall and winter coming up, consider adding a dash of cayenne-based hot sauce to your favorite hot chocolate, as well as a pinch of cinnamon. It’ll warm you from the inside out and create the most complex hot cocoa you’ve ever had!

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Fire Up a Fruit Salad

Bowl of fruit salad with strawberries, kiwi, and oranges

Sticking with the “sweet heat” theme, try adding a few dashes of hot sauce to your favorite fruit salad recipe. The sweet juices from the fruit will combine with the sauce to create a sweet and spicy syrup that coats every piece.

Don’t overdo it—just a few drops will do to add a complex flavor that gives your traditional fruit salad an interesting kick.

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Spice Up Movie Night

A bucket of popcorn sits next to two movie tickets.

There’s nothing like homemade popcorn for a fantastic movie night. But, the next time you’re pouring melted butter over your favorite snack, consider adding a dash or two of hot sauce into the butter itself—then pour. It’ll add just enough spice to keep you reaching for more, and it’s a nice change of pace that will cut through the fat of the butter so you don’t feel so heavy later.

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Stir Into Soups

A bowl of sweet potato soup is held by a person over a marble table.
New Africa/Shutterstock.com

Cold weather is just around the corner, and that means soup season is upon us! Most people enjoy soup as a way to warm up, and you can double up on your efforts by stirring in a few dashes of hot sauce to just about any kind of soup or stew. Not only will it give an extra kick, but it can help with congestion, so you can breathe a bit better during cold and flu season!

As you can see, there are plenty of other uses for hot sauce. When it comes to what to put hot sauce on, the sky’s the limit. So, while we might be facing a sriracha shortage, don’t be afraid to give other hot sauces a try (or try to make your own sriracha sauce). You might end up finding a new favorite—even if it’s temporary.

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