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How to Make Store Bought Frosting Taste Homemade

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We’ve all been there—a last-minute baking session and no time to whip up frosting from scratch. Store bought frosting seems like the savior, but let’s admit it, it can sometimes taste a bit meh. But with just a few easy tricks, you can transform that store bought frosting into something that tastes like it was lovingly made in your kitchen. Here are four canned frosting hacks to upgrade your frosting game and add that homemade touch.

Whip it Up

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If you’re wondering how to make store bought frosting better, the easiest way is to whip it for a few minutes. By using an electric mixer (or some determined elbow grease), you’re infusing the frosting with air, lightening its density, and creating a cloud-like fluffiness. This airy texture not only makes your frosting a joy to spread but also gives it a beautiful visual quality that’ll have everyone raving.

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Add Some Dairy

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Dairy is a magic ingredient when it comes to making frostings that truly sing. Adding a touch of milk, cream cheese, or butter can enhance the creaminess and richness of your frosting, elevating it from average to extraordinary. Dairy can also take away from some of the intense sweetness that most canned frosting has.

If you want to add richness to your frosting, choose a splash of milk or some softened butter. If you’d prefer a bit of tang to your frosting, mix in some soft cream cheese. Start with small amounts to avoid making your frosting too runny.

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Mix in Some Nuts

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Nuts provide a great contrast in texture, transforming thick, one-note frosting into a party for your palate. Nuts introduce a playful textural element that makes each bite of cake, cupcake, or cookie exciting. They also add a nice flavor that again can help balance super sweet frosting.

Feel free to mix in whatever nuts sound good to you. Walnuts are popular in frosting, but chopped-up almonds, pistachios, and pecans all work well too.

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Incorporate Fruit

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It’s no secret that fruit goes well with many desserts. Whether you’re making a chocolate cake or a batch of vanilla cupcakes, you can improve canned frosting by mixing in some cut fruit.

Just like nuts, you can add whichever fruits you want depending on what you like and what will go well with your dessert. Be sure to use fresh fruit for the best flavor and texture.

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Wondering how to make store bought frosting better? It’s easier than you think! These canned frosting hacks will turn your purchase into a delicious topping for your desserts.

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