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Flowers That Grow in Fall For Your Porch or Garden

A garden with yellow flowers and a pumpkin

As the warm days of summer fade and the cool embrace of autumn arrives, the world around us changes in a beautiful way. During this time, the flowers in our gardens can bring an additional burst of color to our outdoor spaces. Whether you have a small porch, a big garden, or a cozy patio, these flowers that grow in fall are perfect for your home.


Red and yellow chrysanthemums in a garden

Chrysanthemums, or mums for short, are like the superstars of fall flowers. They come in many different colors like oranges, reds, yellows, and purples, making a beautiful addition to any porch or garden. You can plant mums in pots or in the ground, and they’ll still look great either way.

Mums like soil that lets water flow through and they like plenty of sun. Giving them water regularly is important, but don’t make the soil too wet. To help them grow nice and full, pinch off the ends of young plants to help new ones continue to grow. When it gets colder, put some mulch around the plants to protect them from the chilly weather.

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An assortment of multi colored pansies

Pansies, the flowers with pretty “faces,” come in many colors and are strong enough to handle the colder weather of fall. They can’t tolerate much heat, but they may be able to withstand even the chilliest of fall and winter days. These can be grown in pots on your porch or in your garden with the rest of your flowers.

To care for pansies, keep the soil moist but not too wet by watering it regularly. Place them in a cooler location with well-draining soil and some sunlight. If planting in the ground, make sure the soil drains well and space them at least six inches apart; in containers, give them room to grow. Feed with an all-purpose fertilizer every two to three weeks and keep an eye out for aphids or other pests.

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An assortment of purple sedum flowers

Sedums, also called stonecrop, are simple plants that do well in the fall. They’re easy to take care of and can look great in your garden. Some are short and wide while others stand up tall, giving you lots of choices for how to make your garden look nice. These will work best in your garden.

Sedums love sunlight and need around six hours of it daily. Put them in a sunny spot with good soil drainage, avoiding clay or compacted soil. Sedums are tough and don’t need much water once established, so water them well in the first year but be cautious later to avoid rot. They don’t need extra fertilizer and can handle different temperatures, even in colder climates.

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Beautiful yellow and orange marigolds

Marigolds are like rays of sunshine in your garden and make wonderful fall flowers. With their bright and cheerful colors, they bring a sense of warmth and happiness to any outdoor space. Marigolds are versatile flowers that can be grown in pots or directly planted in your garden, making them a perfect addition to your fall floral display.

Plant marigolds in well-draining soil and choose a spot that receives plenty of sunlight. They thrive in sunny locations. Water the soil when it feels dry to the touch, but be careful not to overwater. Marigolds are quite hardy and don’t require excessive watering. Deadhead (remove) faded flowers to encourage continuous blooming.

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Purple aster flowers

Asters look similar to daisies and typically start blooming just when summer flowers are finishing. They come in colors like blue, purple, pink, and white, making your garden look amazing with their bright colors.

Plant asters where they can enjoy the sun and a little bit of shade. Water them regularly but avoid overwatering, similarly to the other plants on this list. Asters prefer cooler weather and won’t grow well in climates that have hot fall weather unless they can have access to plenty of shade.

As summer ends and fall begins, welcome the beauty of the season by adding these fall flowers to your porch or garden. From the classic mums to the lovely pansies, the easygoing sedums, and the bright asters, these flowers that grow in fall are perfect for your outdoor space.

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