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How to Get More Counter Space in a Small Kitchen

OROPY rack for hanging pots and pans; Home Aesthetics rolling kitchen island; LARHN magnetic knife strip.
OROPY; Home Aesthetics; LARHN

In a small kitchen, every inch of counter space counts. Preparing meals can feel like a juggling act if you’re limited on surfaces for chopping, stirring, and food prepping. Thankfully, with a little creativity and smart organization, you can make the most of your limited kitchen space.

We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help you get more counter space and make your small kitchen a more efficient and enjoyable cooking environment.

Get a Wall-Mounted Magnetic Spice Rack

Gneiss Magnetic Spice Rack on a wall near a stove.

When it comes to how to get more counter space in a small kitchen, it’s partially about freeing up space, not just adding it. Invest in a wall-mounted magnetic spice rack that securely holds your spice jars in place. It not only adds a decorative touch but also keeps your most-used spices within arm’s reach.

Gneiss Spice Stainless Finish Wall Plate Base for Magnetic Spice Jars

Save space and make your kitchen cuter with this spice wall.

Add an Over-the-Sink Cutting Board

The Kindled Ivy cutting board placed over a sink.
Kindled Ivy

An over-the-sink cutting board is a game-changer for countertop space in a small kitchen. It expands your workspace by utilizing the sink area. You can chop, slice, and dice directly over the sink, making cleanup a breeze. Look for one with a built-in colander for even more added convenience.

Kindled Ivys Expandable Bamboo Wooden Over The Sink Cutting Board

An extra-large cutting board you can place over the sink helps maximize your counter space.

Incorporate a Fold-Down or Pull-Out Countertop

Camcco expandable countertop with a cooling rack and cookies on it.

If your kitchen layout allows, consider installing a fold-down or pull-out countertop extension. These versatile additions provide extra space when needed and can be easily stowed away when not in use. Use it for food prep, a small dining area, or as a tiny makeshift bar.

Camco 43421 Oak Accents Countertop Extension

Whether you live in a tiny home or a tiny apartment, an expandable counter comes in handy.

Mount a Hanging Pot and Pan Organizer

OROPY Pot Hanging Rack with orange pots and stainless steel utensils.

Pots and pans can take up a significant amount of cabinet space, which means you’re forced to store appliances on the counters instead. If you want to maximize counter space, consider using a hanging pot and pan organizer to free up room below—which will, in turn, free up your countertops since you can now put all your appliances away.

OROPY 23 Inch Wall Mounted Pot Rack Storage Shelf

When you get your pots and pans out of the cabinets, you free up valuable storage space and help clear those counters.

Store Knives on a Magnetic Strip

LARHN Magnetic Knife Strip holding up knives, spices, and notes.

Say goodbye to a bulky knife block filling up your countertop and hello to a magnetic knife strip. Mount it on your backsplash or a convenient wall, and you’ll have easy access to your kitchen knives while maximizing your counter space.

Magnetic Knife Holder of Wall with Extra Strong Magnet

Get rid of the bulky knife block and put your kitchen knives on display instead.

Add Space with a Rolling Kitchen Cart

Home Aesthetics rolling kitchen island with pots and vegetables on it.
Home Aesthetics

Yes, when thinking about how to get more counter space in a small kitchen, removing items is a good place to start. But adding new counter space is an option as well.

A rolling kitchen cart is a versatile addition to your small kitchen. Use it as a mobile prep station, a serving area, a bar cart, or extra storage. When not in use, simply roll it away to free up counter space. Look for one with shelves, drawers, and hooks for added functionality.

Home Aesthetics Bamboo Rolling Kitchen Island Cart

A rolling island comes in handy in the kitchen for extra counter space, or in the living room as a bar cart.

Keep Paper Towels on a Wall-Mounted Holder

Paper towels mounted on the wall above the sink and below a kitchen shelf to save counter space.
Dr Catch

Keep your paper towels off the counter with a wall-mounted paper towel holder. It’s a small change that can make a big difference in counter space availability while maintaining a clean and organized kitchen.

Paper Towel Holders for Kitchen

A durable, wall-mounted paper towel holder will free up counter space permanently.

Add Kitchen Utensil Hooks

KXLIFE hooks holding up utensils and oven mitts to free up kitchen storage space.

Extend the use of magnets in your kitchen by adding magnetic hooks to the side of your refrigerator (or any magnetic surface). This is a creative way to store utensils, kitchen towels, oven mitts, and other kitchen tools, freeing up precious drawer and counter space.

KXLIFE Magnetic Hook Rack for Refrigerator

Keep your utensils organized and off the counter with these helpful hooks.

Incorporate Corner Shelving Units

Tribesigns corner shelf full of books and home decorations.

Maximize space in those often-underutilized corners of your kitchen with corner shelving units. While a shelving unit might seem like it’ll take up more space in an already small kitchen, with the right design, they fit compactly into a, well, corner, and allow you to move items that would usually sit on your countertop to a new space. Add small appliances, dishes, or decorative items, allowing you to maximize counter space while adding a touch of charm to your kitchen.

Tribesigns 78.74

If you have an empty corner in your kitchen, it's time you make it useful.

Use Window Shelves

 Window Garden window shelves with plants growing on them.
Window Garden

If you have a window above your kitchen sink, make sure you’re maximizing the storage space. Glass-adhering shelves can give you a flat surface for a small kitchen herb garden, cup storage, or other decoration. Get creative and don’t let that space go to waste.

Window Garden Double Veg Ledge

Use these window shelves to grow a mini kitchen garden.

By implementing these creative solutions and selecting the right products, you can transform your cramped kitchen into a functional and enjoyable cooking space. Remember that small changes can have a significant impact, making meal preparation and kitchen life more enjoyable.

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