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The Viral Pottery Barn Halloween Pillows Have Cheaper Alternatives

Pottery Barn Halloween pillows/glowing white jack-o-lantern pillow/wizard gnome pillow
Pottery Barn/Mud Pie/Pottery Barn

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you can’t wait for spooky season to arrive, you’re probably going to start decorating soon. This year, people are going crazy over Pottery Barn’s Halloween pillows. Let’s face it, most Pottery Barn Halloween decor is great. But, these pillows are so popular that they’re selling out quickly. Beyond that, they might not be in your budget.

Thankfully, there are several cheaper Pottery Barn Halloween pillow alternatives that are just as “ghoulish” and will get your home ready for all Hallow’s Eve.

Ready to spruce up your Halloween decor this year? Let’s cover a few alternatives that won’t do so much damage to your wallet.

Gus the Ghost

Pottery Barn Halloween pillows/ghost pillow
Pottery Barn/BESLKB

It doesn’t get much cuter than this ghost pillow. In fact, at first glance, it might not even look like a traditional pillow. But, once you cuddle up with it, there’s no mistake. Gus the Ghost is as soft as a throw blanket and serves double duty as an adorable piece of decor.

Gus the Ghost

A super cute ghost pillow that's both soft and spooky!

But, if Gus isn’t quite within your budget or you’re looking for a slightly different style, check out these alternatives that are just as spooktacular.

BESLKB Halloween Pillows, Ghost Pillow

Another cute ghost that you'll love to cuddle with.

GEEORY Halloween Pillow Cover

If you're going for a ghostly theme this Halloween, this pillow cover will fit right in!

Cozy Pumpkin Pillow

Assortment of plush pumpkin pillows in brown, white, and orange
Pottery Barn/Queekay

Pumpkin pillows can stay out all season long—not just for Halloween! So, the Pottery Barn option is definitely a worthwhile investment if you can’t get enough fall decor. The Cozy Pumpkin Pillow is made with “teddybear fabric,” making it cute, cuddly, and old-fashioned looking.

Cozy Pumpkin Pillow

These cozy pumpkin pillows will be a staple on your sofa all season long.

While the Cozy Pumpkin Pillow is definitely a must-have for any fall decor lover, you can never have too many pumpkins, right? So, consider some of the following options to round out your decorations without breaking the bank.

2 Pieces Pumpkin Throw Pillow

You'll get a steal of a deal with two cozy, cuddly pumpkins in this set.

Namalu 6 Pcs Pumpkin Throw Pillows 7 x 8 Inch

Why go with one pumpkin pillow when you can have a bunch of cute ones sitting out?

Spiderweb Pillow

Black spiderweb pillows on a sofa and chair
Pottery Barn/Moslion

Ghosts and pumpkins can be cute, but if you want to go full Halloween and break out the spooky decor, the spiderweb pillow from the Pottery Barn Halloween collection is for you. It features sparkling beading embellishments on cozy black sherpa for a cool, “bedazzled” look that will make this pillow pop no matter where you put it.

Cozy Embellished Spider Web Pillow

You'll get caught up in how cute and spooky this sparkly pillow really is.

Spiders are a staple in Halloween decor. Let’s face it, no matter how helpful and useful the arachnids are, they’re creepy-looking. So, if you want to up your Halloween decor with even more web-filled goodness, we’ve got an alternative that is just as creepy and crawly.

Moslion Halloween Pillows Decorative Throw Pillow Cover

This throw pillow cover is wickedly web-tastic.

Wizard Pillow

Pottery Barn gnome wizard pillow and little girl holding Halloween gnome plush
Pottery Barn/PRETYZOOM

While the ghost pillow has undoubtedly been Pottery Barn’s viral hit of the season, you really can’t get much cuter than this wizard pillow. There has been a bit of a “gnome craze” over the last few years when it comes to home decor, and this little wizard fits the bill with his long white beard and cute round nose. It’s perfect for a living room sofa, or even a child’s bedroom.

Velvet Wizard Shaped Pillow

This super cute wizard pillow is spellbindingly sweet and soft.

If you’ve jumped on the gnome trend and want to keep adding to your collection, you can give your Halloween decor an even bigger boost with these alternatives that are far more sweet than spooky.

PRETYZOOM 1Pc Halloween Gnomes Plush Decor

Call it a gnome witch or wizard...it's cute no matter what!

Halloween Decorations Halloween Gnome Decor

These two aren't pillows, but they're perfect accent pieces for your Halloween decor, and they're still soft enough to cuddle with!

Jack-o-Lantern Pillow

Burnt orange and white jack-o-lantern pillows
Pottery Barn/Mud Pie

Jack-o-lanterns can be notoriously creepy with their glowing smile and triangle eyes. But, Pottery Barn has somehow found a way to make them huggable. The jack-o-lantern pillow could quickly become a staple in your Halloween decor. Like the pumpkin pillow, it’s made of soft teddy bear fabric, so it’s perfectly squeezable and not scary at all.

Jack-o-Lantern Shaped Pillow

You can't help but smile right back at this cute and cuddly jack-o-lantern...no carving required!

If you consider yourself the pumpkin king (or queen!), you might want to round out your pillow options with a few extra jack-o-lanterns, and Amazon has you covered with some cheaper selections that are also spooky and cute!

Mud Pie Sherpa Jack-o-Lantern Pillow

This sherpa pillow is super soft and it lights up for an extra spooky effect!

Phantoscope Happy Halloween Pumpkin Shaped Throw Pillow,

This jack-o-lantern is a bit more on the scary side thanks to its contrasting colors, but it's still cute enough to display just about anywhere.

Pottery Barn Halloween decor is something people look forward to every year to celebrate the holiday. The items are high-quality, unique, and will become fast family favorites for years to come. But, there’s no denying that Pottery Barn isn’t within everyone’s budget.

So, whether you’re willing to splurge or you’re looking for cute alternative options for your Halloween pillows this year, these spooky selections will have you covered!

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