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10 Viral Cinnamon Roll Hacks to Try This Fall

Person adding heavy cream to cinnamon rolls/person adding coffee creamer to cinnamon rolls/pan of sticky buns before baking

Fall is in the air, and if you breathe in deeply, you’re likely to smell the scent of cinnamon lingering somewhere. While people are focusing on things like pumpkin spice, there’s an undisputed king of cozy when it comes to fall baking that never goes out of style—cinnamon rolls.

Cinnamon rolls are making a bit of a “comeback” lately (did they ever go away?), especially thanks to some TikTok hacks that have gone viral, encouraging home bakers to give them a try for the gooiest cinnamon rolls ever. Some of them even used canned cinnamon rolls, so you can look like a pro baker without all of the work!

Let’s take a look at some of the best TikTok cinnamon roll hack videos so you can try them for yourself.

The Heavy Cream Hack


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This is the cinnamon roll hack that everyone is going crazy over, especially when it comes to using a canned cinnamon roll product. You can take your favorite store-bought cinnamon roll dough (frozen or refrigerated), arrange the rolls in your favorite baking dish, and before they go into the oven, pour some heavy cream over each one. Most videos don’t give an actual amount when it comes to the heavy cream, but you don’t want to drown them! A few tablespoons per roll should do.

The idea behind this cinnamon roll hack is that the dough soaks up the cream while it makes, making the rolls bigger, fluffier, and gooier—almost like a Cinnabon.

DOWAN Casserole Dish

The perfect deep-dish vessel for supersized cinnamon rolls.

Adding Melted Butter and Brown Sugar


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People have started taking the heavy cream hack one step further. In addition to soaking the pre-baked rolls with cream, some home bakers add a topping of melted butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon—about a tablespoon or two to each roll—before baking.

This addition helps the rolls taste more homemade. You might even fool your family and friends! Plus, who’s going to complain about extra butter or brown sugar? Not this girl.

The Coffee Creamer Substitution


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If you can’t imagine a morning without adding a few good glugs of your favorite coffee creamer into your cup-o-joe, this TikTok cinnamon roll hack is for you. By now, we’ve established that adding heavy cream to store-bought cinnamon rolls is a win. But, you can add the same richness and even more flavor by using your favorite coffee creamer in place of plain heavy cream.

The combinations of ideas are endless when it comes to cinnamon roll hacks. The TikTok above uses a caramel macchiato Starbucks creamer, but anything with cinnamon, vanilla, or even chocolate would be a great addition. Have fun experimenting with your favorite flavors!

Go Big or Go Home


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If there’s one thing better than an ooey-gooey cinnamon roll, it’s a giant ooey-gooey cinnamon roll. TikTok creator @kitchentool took the concept of adding heavy cream to store-bought rolls one step further. He started by placing a canned cinnamon roll in the center of his pan, then unrolled the rest into strips, wrapping each one around the previous one to make a single giant cinnamon roll!

If you have a family or friends you want to impress or a dish you need to take to brunch, this is a great way to bake something delicious and unique that everyone will be talking about.

Get Extra With Extract


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McCormick spices have been around since the 1800s, so they know what they’re talking about when it comes to adding flavor. Their trick is to add a splash of lemon extract to the butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon mixture before dolloping it onto your pre-baked rolls.

But, because they make so many different kinds of extracts, you can play around with flavors. Maple or orange extracts would be great with cinnamon rolls and add an extra touch of coziness.

McCormick Culinary Pure Lemon Extract

You're going to want to stock up on this when you see how much zing it adds to your cinnamon rolls.

Make Monkey Bread


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Make a shortcut monkey bread if you want to do something outside the box with your canned cinnamon roll. Traditional monkey bread requires you to make a yeasted dough, roll it into balls, and dip each ball into butter and cinnamon sugar before placing them in a pan.

Instead, you can simply cut store-bought cinnamon rolls into quarters, toss them with cinnamon-sugar, place them into a pan, and pour over a butter-brown sugar mixture. Bake until everything is puffed and golden, and drizzle on some icing! You can find a full recipe by checking out @zafo0d’s video above.

Create Super Sticky Buns


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If you want to transform your canned cinnamon rolls into something a little extra, you can actually turn them into sticky buns with just a few extra steps. This cooking hack shows how easy it is.

Boil butter and brown sugar together and pour it into the bottom of a pan. Add a handful of chopped pecans, and then place your store-bought rolls on top. Bake according to package directions, let cool in the pan for a few minutes, and then flip over onto a plate or tray for the gooiest sticky buns ever.

Stock Your Home Aluminum Foil Pans

Make as many sticky buns as you want without worrying about messy cleanup!

Bake Bigger Rolls


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Maybe you’re an avid baker and want a bit more of a challenge. If you have a favorite cinnamon roll recipe but want your rolls to look like they do in a professional bakery case, this hack from @designeatrepeat can help.

Use whatever cinnamon roll recipe you love, but when it comes time to roll them up into a log before slicing, roll from the shorter side! You’ll end up with fewer rolls, but the ones you have will be bigger, fatter, and more Instagram-worthy.

Cut With Floss


#TikTokHolidays I saw this a few years ago on Tiktok and have used it ever since! Genius ! #cinnamonrolls #festivefood #christmaspreparations #foodhacksathome

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You might think floss is something you should use after eating a cinnamon roll, so your dentist won’t be disappointed. But, you can actually use it to cut your homemade cinnamon roll “log” into individual rolls more cleanly than a knife ever will. In fact, using a knife can cause your rolls to get squished and the filling to come out.

Slide a piece of floss underneath the log of rolled dough, and cross the two ends on top until it slices off a roll. Repeat until you’re out of dough and all of your rolls look clean and neat in the pan! If you don’t have floss on hand, a serrated knife is the next best thing. And make sure the floss isn’t mint flavored as it could alter the flavor.

Mercer Culinary M23210 Millennia Black Handle

Get a grip on your dough without tearing it.

Double Your Dessert


2 INGREDIENT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE CINNAMON ROLLS = the best dessert ever! I’ve made countless recipes over the years and this is hands down one of my FAVORITE desserts! All you need is a pack of Grand Cinnamon Rolls & Chocolate Chip Cookie dough! *I show the exact packaging of the products I use at the end of the video* CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE CINNAMON ROLLS INGREDIENTS 💗1 Pack of Grands Cinnamon Rolls (I used Pillsbury brand which comes with a small container of icing) 💗1 package of Chocolate Chip cookie dough (I also used Pillsbury) Directions 🤍Add flour to your baking area and roll out your chocolate chip cookie dough 🤍Unroll each individual cinnamon roll and set it on top of your cookie dough 🤍Use a pizza cutter to cut each strip of cookie dough & cinnamon roll dough 🤍Flip your strip of cookie dough and cinnamon roll dough over and gently roll it together into a cinnamon roll - this is where the magic happens! 🤍Add to baking sheet and repeat! 🤍Bake @ 350 for 20 minutes 🤍Drizzle icing from package of cinnamon roll on top 🤍Hands down one of my favorite EASY desserts and you literally only need 2 items from the grocery store to make it! ENJOY! 💗 #cinnamonrollhack #chocolatechipcookierecipe #cinnamonrollrecipe #easydessert #easydessertrecipe

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You might think a cinnamon roll can’t get any sweeter. But, leave it to TikTok to prove you wrong. This cinnamon roll hack uses just two ingredients—canned cinnamon rolls and store-bought cookie dough.

Yes, chocolate chip cookie cinnamon rolls are a thing. A thing of beauty.

You simply roll out the cookie dough into a rectangle, uncurl the cinnamon rolls, and slice them into strips to match the length of the dough. Set a strip on top of the dough, slice, and then roll up the whole thing. You’ll have alternating cinnamon roll dough and cookie dough layers that will bake up beautifully together. Check out @bestfriendsforfrosting‘s video for the specifics on this dessert.

Hopefully, some of these TikTok cinnamon roll hack ideas make it into your kitchen over the fall and winter baking season. Whether you want to impress family or friends, you need to bring something to a holiday brunch, or you just want a cozy start to a slow weekend morning, you can’t go wrong with a cinnamon roll to start the day.

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