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How to Get Ready for Work at the Gym

A person packs up their gym bag after a workout session.
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Balancing a busy work schedule with your fitness routine can be challenging. At times, it may feel impossible. Anything you can do to make the process easier is worthwhile. Thankfully, with the right preparation and some essential products, you can seamlessly transition from your gym session to the office.

Whether you’re hitting the gym before work, during your lunch break, or after hours, these tips and gym bag essentials make getting ready for work at the gym a piece of cake.

Pack Work Clothes Carefully

A person wearing slacks and a button up shirt putting their tennis shoes into a gym back.
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Getting ready for work at the gym can’t happen without your work clothes. But carelessly stashing your work attire in a gym bag results in wrinkles and creases. To ensure your outfit remains pristine, practice some careful packing strategies.

This might mean rolling your work clothes to limit the amount of wrinkles. It may mean keeping a wrinkle-release spray in your bag or working with a portable steamer if a crisp look is a necessity.

Including a portable steamer in your gym bag essentials can be a lifesaver for quickly de-wrinkling clothes. Compact and easy to use, a clothing steamer is a must-have for gym-goers who want to maintain a polished appearance in their work attire.

Most Portable

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Invest in a Quality Gym Bag

An orange gym bag sitting unzipped on the floor with clothes and a water bottle inside.

A durable gym bag with smart storage is essential for keeping all your gym bag essentials easily accessible. This keeps your workouts seamless, and your commute easy, and it makes showering at the gym easier since you have space for all your toiletries.

Look for a gym bag with multiple compartments to keep your gym clothes, work attire, and accessories neatly organized. Some bags even have a separate shoe compartment to keep your sneakers separate from your clothes.

FIORETTO Womens Mens Sports Gym Bag

Durable and stylish with plenty of pockets, this gym bag will help you carry all your gym bag essentials.

Get Body Wipes

A person wiping their neck with a body wipe.
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Showering at the gym isn’t always an option, either because you don’t have enough time, you forgot your toiletries at home, or there isn’t a shower at your workout class. One of the best post-workout skin care products you should always keep in your bag is a pack of body wipes.

For days when you don’t have access to a shower after your workout or time to get a luxurious rinse, body wipes are a lifesaver. They’ll help you freshen up and remove sweat and odor.

Opt for biodegradable body wipes that are eco-friendly and gentle on your skin. These wipes are a great addition to your gym bag, especially if you have post-workout meetings or appointments.

DUDE Wipes - Face and Body Wipes

Freshen up and keep yourself smelling nice with post-gym body wipes.

Use Your Portable Hair Styling Tools

A woman blow-drying her hair in the mirror in the gym locker room.
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If you got a good workout in, chances are you messed up your hair a bit. If you’re getting ready for work at the gym, make sure to save time to style your hair. Having portable hair styling tools is an absolute game-changer.

A mini hair straightener is compact and easy to carry in your gym bag. It can quickly tame unruly hair and help you achieve a professional look with ease.

Wavytalk Mini Flat Iron 0.7 Inch Ceramic Mini Hair Straightener

This mini hair straightener will fit easily in your bag.

Hydrate and Refuel

A man drinking water while working out.

Proper hydration and post-workout nutrition are essential for energy and recovery. You want to make sure you replenish your energy to keep yourself fueled for the work day ahead.

An insulated water bottle will keep your water cold throughout your workout and help you replenish your fluids from sweat. Pair it with a protein shaker to have your post-workout shake ready to go. This will help you avoid any kind of energy crash after you finish working out.

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Freshen Your Breath

A person spraying breath freshener in his mouth.

If you’re getting ready for work at the gym, it’s essential to freshen your breath. This is especially true if you have meetings or close interactions at work. You don’t want a protein shake smell carrying over into your meetings.

While you can bring your toothpaste and toothbrush to the gym, it’s often easier to keep breath fresheners like sugar-free mints or mini mouthwash sprays in your gym back. Staying stocked on these gym bag essentials will mean you never have stale breath.

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By incorporating these simple tips into your gym routine, you can effortlessly transition from your workout to the office while feeling your best. Whether you’re a seasoned gym enthusiast or just starting your fitness journey, you can conquer your workday with confidence and style.

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