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When Do Wasps Go Away?

Wasps crawling on their nest

In the middle of the summer, you expect to see wasps. They are one of the most common outdoor pests when temperatures are warm. But it can also feel like you’ll never be free of them, no matter what the temperature is outside. So, when do wasps go away?

Unfortunately, wasp season is likely longer than you think.

Wasps make their return every spring, staying active throughout the warmer months as they build and breed. When temperatures start to turn cool, they begin to die off, but if you live in a region with warmer temperatures, that’s going to take quite a bit longer than you’d like—likely not early to mid-October.

In late September and October, wasps’ activity starts to slow down. The worker wasps will start to die off, and the queen won’t produce as many eggs. Eventually, all of the workers will die and the larvae and eggs will be on their own, trying to survive.

While this might seem sad for the life cycle of the wasp, it’s good news for those who want to venture back outside without the fear of being stung.

If, however, you haven’t quite entered cold enough temperatures for wasps to start to dissipate, you can still enjoy the cool weather. You just need to be proactive about it.

Try natural deterrents like lemongrass, lavender, eucalyptus, or peppermint oil. Wasps don’t particularly like strong scents, and they’ll likely steer clear of your home if those smells are around. As a bonus, you’ll probably really enjoy those scents—they’ll make your porch smell great!

Sting-kill First Aid Anesthetic Swabs

If you do get stung, this will provide instant relief!

You can also keep some anesthetic swabs and pain relievers around to help if you do get stung. While you might think you’re “safe” in the fall, there are some stray wasps buzzing around. It could sting you quickly, and no one wants to deal with that kind of pain.

If you’ve been wondering when wasps go away, if it’s there’s no chill in the air quite yet, you’ve got some time to wait. In the meantime, keep yourself safe, keep your eyes peeled for nests, and use some natural repellents to keep them away from your home.

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