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It’s a Good Day for Turophiles: Extra Cheesy Cheez-Its Are Here!

A hand holding a box of extra cheesy Cheez-Its
Junkfood Adventures

When it comes to snacks, you’ve got your chocolate, salty peanuts, and chips. But if you’re looking for the one that (almost) unanimously garners cheers, it’s cheese (sorry, lactose intolerants)! Now, a famous snack brand is capitalizing on (nearly) everyone’s love of dairy.

According to Instagram account Junkfood Adventures, Extra Cheesy Cheez-Its are coming to stores, and they might be your new perfect snack. The new cheese-loaded snacks were discovered at a Harris Teeter grocery store, but don’t despair! According to the brand’s website, a multitude of stores carry the new (but, not new) flavor, including Walmart, Publix, and Target.

If you want to see the closest location where you can pick up a box, you can check Cheez-Its’ handy store finder.

According to Delish, the Extra Cheesy Cheez-Its are only somewhat new. Back in October, Instagram account Candy Hunting made a similar discovery in different packaging. Unlike the full-size box, the new even-cheesier flavor seems to have originated in a Grab n’ Go bag. Perhaps it was so popular, the company decided to treat its fans with an entire box.

Of course, Cheez-It isn’t a stranger to upping the ante of its signature snack. The brand offers other flavors, including Buffalo Wing, Pizza, and Italian Four Cheese, if you feel like branching out of your cheddar comfort zone.

However, if you’re just looking for a simple boost in flavor, add the new Extra Cheesy Cheez-Its to your shopping list immediately.

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