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Here’s How to Decide What Type of Work Bag You Need

A business person standing on the sidewalk, holding a work bag.

In today’s fast-paced world, having the right work bag is essential for professionals on the go. Whether you’re heading to the office, a business meeting, or traveling for a work trip, your choice of a work bag impacts everything.

You can’t expect to stay stylish, organized, and comfortable with the wrong work bag, but don’t worry; we’re not about to leave you hanging.

In this guide, we will explore five major types of work bags: briefcases, totes, backpacks, messenger bags, and weekender bags. We’re laying out all their unique features and benefits so you can choose the best work bag for you.


Two men and one woman with different computer bags.

Briefcases are the epitome of professionalism. Maybe that’s because we see lawyers use them in TV shows, or maybe it’s because they’re actually amazing for carrying paperwork and computers. They’re ideal for professionals who work in corporate or formal settings because they exude sophistication.

Briefcases typically have a structured, rectangular shape with a top handle and sometimes a detachable shoulder strap. The interior is designed for organization, with compartments for documents, pens, and other essentials. The best briefcases also have a dedicated laptop sleeve and pockets for organization.

Luxorro Full Grain Leather Briefcase for Men

Keep things classy and sophisticated with this full grain leather bag.

The Luxorro Full Grain Leather Briefcase for Men is a great option. It’s made from full-grain leather for durability and a timeless look. A dedicated laptop sleeve helps keep you organized and protects your computer no matter where you go.

KROSER Laptop Bag Expandable Laptop Briefcase

An expandable bag means you can fit everything you need, even if that amount changes from time to time.

The KROSER Expandable Laptop Briefcase is another excellent choice. The expandable design provides extra space when needed, along with numerous pockets and compartments for efficient organization.

LIGHT FLIGHT 17.3 Inch Laptop Bag

This elegant briefcase will add style to your outfit while supporting your professional life.

If you’re looking for something with a feminine touch, try the LIGHT FLIGHT Briefcase for Women. It offers a sleek and modern design with a padded laptop sleeve. The interior pockets allow for easy organization of all your items.


Three tote bags of different designs being modeled and displayed.

Tote bags are characterized by their open-top design, two sturdy handles, and spacious interior. They come in various materials and often have a single large compartment with minimal internal pockets.

Totes can be minimalistic or stylish, depending on the design, so they can be suitable for a wide range of professionals. Tote bags are great work bags for creative professionals, teachers, and those who need to carry a mix of supplies.

Prite Laptop Tote Bag for Women

This shoulder bag is perfect for teachers, businesswomen, creatives, and more.

You may want to consider the Prite Laptop Tote Bag for Women. A minimalistic design with a spacious interior gives you plenty of storage space. The waterproof material will keep all of your belongings safe.

FSD.WG Men's Tote Bag

Whether you're commuting to work or school, this tote will support your journey.

If you need a professional business tote, consider the FSD.WG Men’s Tote Bag. It’s classic and stylish with a roomy interior to carry all your necessities. It has a zipper closure and durable handles to help carry your items wherever you go.

DALIX 22 Extra Large Tote Bag

This extra-large tote can serve as your work bag, grocery bag, errand bag, and more.

If you’re looking for a tote bag you don’t mind getting dirty, the DALIX 22 Open Top Heavy Duty Deluxe Tote is your bag. It’s made from 100% cotton and has multiple colors to choose from.


KROSER; Muzee; Himawari

Backpacks offer a balanced blend of functionality and comfort. They typically have two shoulder straps and a spacious main compartment. Many modern backpacks designed for work also feature padded laptop sleeves, multiple pockets, and ergonomic designs.

Backpacks are perfect for professionals with an active lifestyle. They are popular among tech-savvy individuals, students, and those who commute regularly. Packing a backpack for work is especially helpful for anyone who prefers a comfortable, hands-free option.

KROSER Laptop Backpack Large Computer Backpack

Comfy on the shoulders with plenty of storage, this backpack makes the perfect work bag.

The KROSER Laptop Backpack is one amazing option. It’s made from durable, reliable, and environment-friendly materials that also happen to be water-repellent. It’s comfortable to carry, has a USB port, and has extra padding in the laptop compartment.

Muzee Business Backpack

Waterproof and equipped with USB charging, this backpack was made for workers on the go.

The Muzee Business Backpack for Men is another sleek, professional choice. You can charge your phone while on the go and keep everything secure. It’s small enough to carry into meetings while spacious enough to carry all your necessities.

himawari Laptop Backpack for Women

Sort through the dozens of color options until you find your perfect fit.

If you want something to show off a little more personality, consider the Himawari Laptop Backpack. It has well over 30 color options and generous storage space, so you can show off your style while conveniently carrying your workload.


Two messenger bags being held or worn by men and one messenger bag displayed on a white background.

Messenger bags, also known as courier bags, have a distinct crossbody strap and a flap closure. They are known for their casual and urban style and typically have a lot of great pockets.

Messenger bags are ideal for creatives, freelancers, and professionals who appreciate a casual yet functional style. They are perfect for anyone who needs quick access to their belongings and doesn’t need to check too many super professional boxes.

ESTARER Computer Messenger Bag

Waterproof and spacious, this messenger bag is good for work days and casual errands.

The ESTARER Computer Messenger Bag is a good, classic option. It has multiple pockets and internal organization, so you won’t lose your belongings.

Dasein Large Vintage Canvas Messenger Shoulder Bag

This vintage-style bag will work for both men and women.

Another great choice is the Dasein Large Vintage Canvas Messenger Shoulder Bag. It’s deliberately designed with multiple storage compartments and pockets to maximize your capacity and organization.

Sechunk Vintage Military Leather Canvas Messenger Bag

If you're drawn to rugged style, this military bag is perfect for you.

If you’re looking for something a little more sturdy, consider the Sechunk Vintage Military Messenger Bag. It’s made of quality cotton canvas and features leather straps. The retro design will add interest to your outfits and show off more of your style.


Three weekender bags of various designs in airports.

Weekender bags, as the name suggests, are designed for short trips and weekend getaways. They are typically spacious and have sturdy handles with a detachable shoulder strap.

Weekender bags are essential for business travelers who frequently need to pack for short trips. They are also great for professionals who like to combine work and leisure, as these bags can double as carry-on luggage and gym bags.

LOVEVOOK Travel Duffle Weekender Bag

This weekender bag comes with its own toiletry bag so you can easily keep your work travels organized.

The LOVEVOOK Travel Weekender Bag is the perfect option to combine stylishness and functional storage. It also has an easy-access pocket for small items, such as your wallet, passport, or phone.

Weekender Canvas Travel Bag

Take advantage of the separate shoe compartment in this weekender bag.

The IBFUN Weekender Bag is another excellent option for those work trips you have scheduled. The strong canvas material will keep all your belongings safe, and the designated shoe compartment ensures you have plenty of room for all your kicks.

Nerlion Weekender Bag

The waterproof waxed canvas and genuine leather will keep your items safe and dry everywhere you go.

The Nerlion Weekender Bag is perfect for both men and women. It’s classy, durable, and spacious, so you can include everything you need on your weekend trips.

Choosing the right work bag is crucial for professionals in all industries. Remember that the type of work bag you need depends on your profession, personal style, and storage needs. Find a work bag that fits your requirements, then choose one with high-quality, durable materials so it will stand up to your commute and lifestyle.

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