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Harry Potter Cloud Ceilings Are TikTok’s Latest Halloween Decor Obsession

Lightning thunderstorm flash over the night sky.

Halloween enthusiasts and Harry Potter fans, listen up! The latest decor trend sweeping TikTok this spooky season is the enchanting DIY Harry Potter cloud ceilings. These whimsical LED cloud ceilings are designed to replicate the magical ambiance of Hogwarts’ Great Hall.

The best part about it? You can easily duplicate the look in your own home.

In the Harry Potter series, the Great Hall ceiling magically reflects the current weather outside, creating an ever-changing and captivating view for students during mealtimes. The Harry Potter cloud ceiling trend involves transforming a room’s ceiling to resemble the mesmerizing, enchanted ceiling of Hogwarts.

TikTok content creator @diana_in_lajolla has a super straightforward strategy for creating your own LED cloud ceiling.


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♬ Harry Potter - The Intermezzo Orchestra

To embark on your cloud ceiling DIY project, you’ll need a few key items to work your magic: poster board (make sure it’s thick and you have enough to cover as much ceiling as you want), command strips or adhesive tape, LED strip lights, LED Harry Potter hanging candles, enough polyfill to cover your ceiling, and a spray adhesive.

Halloween Decorations Floating Candles with Magic Wand Remote

These candles are perfect for your Halloween decor.

Once you have all your supplies, you’re ready to start on your cloud ceiling DIY project. Start by preparing your ceiling. Clean and prepare your ceiling surface. Make sure it’s free from any dust or debris to ensure good adhesion.

Next, use command strips or adhesive tape to mount your poster board to your ceiling. Ensure they are securely fastened and evenly lined up. Your poster board will help protect your ceiling and make the decoration easier to take down after spooky season ends.

Now you’re ready to attach your LED light strips for your Harry Potter cloud ceilings. Adhere them randomly all over the poster board, helping create random lines that will look a bit like lightning (once you add your “clouds”).

DAYBETTER Smart WiFi Led Lights 100ft

These lights will help represent your lighting in your cloud ceiling.

Once your lights are set, you can hang up your Harry Potter candles, attaching them to your poster board. Next, it’s time to add the clouds. Break up some polyfill, spray on some adhesive, and press it onto your poster board. You want to fully cover your light strips and start building up your clouds.

100g Polyester Fill

Perfect for willows, quilts, and Halloween cloud ceilings.

Let everything dry fully, then turn off your normal house lights and turn on your LED light strips and candles. Enjoy the cozy, spooky, Harry Potter vibes you created all on your own.

This DIY project allows you to transform any room into a magical and enchanting space, perfect for Halloween or any Hogwarts-themed event.

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