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Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Days Event Has Major Sales on Garden and Outdoor Lights

String lights are strung around a porch, a lantern hangs next to a front door, and led lights on sticks illuminate a garden.

Ever had that buzz when something you’ve been side-eyeing forever finally hits the sale rack? Or better yet, when you snag an out-of-the-blue deal that makes your space go from “just okay” to “heck yes!”? While you might have big décor dreams, sometimes, it’s those understated bits, like snazzy outdoor lights, that bring the magic—and they’re on sale ahead of Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Days event.

Amazon’s Big Deal Days starts on October 10th (and wraps up on the 11th), but you can already snag tons of incredible garden lights. Think of it as your green light to splurge while still saving.

The only catch is you have to be an Amazon Prime member to qualify for all the sales. It’s an easy fix, though, with their 30-day free trial that has no strings attached, and you can cancel anytime. So, if your garden needs some outdoor lights, check out these great deals that have already started ahead of the sale.

SIEPUNK Porch Light with Outlet, Dusk to Dawn Outdoor Light

a front porch light on, followed by a photo of it showing the entire front porch of a house.

This nifty porch light comes with a built-in high-quality light sensor, allowing it to automatically adjust the lighting based on its surroundings, so you don’t need to worry about switches or timers, it handles everything for you. It’s perfect for porches and entrances and you’ll thank it when you’re no longer stuck searching for your keys in the dark or have a high electricity bill because you forgot to turn the light off.

SIEPUNK Porch Light with Outlet

Meet your porch's new best friend: a clever light with a built-in sensor that tailors its glow to its surroundings. No need to mess with switches or timers - it's got it all under control.

100ft 2-Pack Outdoor String Lights Waterproof

a back deck full of outdoor lights, a lit light bulb covered in ice

String lights can transform a bland backyard into a magical wonderland. This 2-pack outdoor light set uses ED bulbs that are energy-efficient, waterproof, and shatterproof. They are perfect for draping along fences, winding around trees, or stringing overhead for that bistro ambiance.

100ft 2-Pack Outdoor String Lights Waterproof with 52 LED Dimmable Shatterproof Bulbs

This 2-pack of outdoor string lights, with their energy-efficient LED bulbs, offer not only a waterproof and shatterproof design but also the promise of magical nights!

LETMY Solar Pathway Outdoor Lights

outdoor lights shinning on a path, an outdoor light lighting up a wall

Pathways can sometimes lack flair, but adding some light can really transform that mundane walkway into something special. The LETMY solar pathway lights are both aesthetically pleasing – with their tall stature and classic lantern-inspired design, and are also 100% solar-powered. Just plant them along your walkways and watch as they transform the path into an enchanting trail come dusk.

LETMY Solar Pathway Lights

Turn a basic backyard into a captivating retreat with these string lights. The 2-pack outdoor light set features LED bulbs, combining energy efficiency with a durable, waterproof, and shatterproof design.

Shukan 2-Pack 10-LED Solar Firefly Garden Lights

four square photos of firefly flights placed in gardens, a close up photo of firefly lights in a garden

Spruce up your garden with these Solar Garden Bee Lights. When the wind blows, they flutter about like fireflies, giving your space that magical touch. Fancy a calming ambiance or a bit of twinkle? You’ve got two modes to choose from. And the best bit? They’re solar-powered, so they light up as the sun sets and call it a night when dawn breaks.

SHUKAN 2-Pack 10 LED Solar Firefly Lights

These Solar Garden Bee Lights twirl gracefully in the breeze, sprinkling magic throughout your garden. Choose between a tranquil glow or a spirited twinkle with the two available modes.

SOLPEX Solar Deck Lights

sleek patio lights on a deck, a pool and pathway lit up by deck lights

Imagine navigating through your deck, steps, or balcony, without any tripping disasters. If you’re prone to falling, then adding some of these minimalist deck lights to your outdoor space is just what you need. Not only do they soak up the sun during the day (they charge in just 4-5 hours), but they cast a gentle glow. No switches, no hassle—just seamless, automatic lighting to make your nights a smidge brighter and a whole lot safer.

SOLPEX Solar Deck Lights

Brighten up your outdoor spaces with minimalist deck lights that charge in just 4-5 hours, providing a gentle, automatic glow at night for safe, hassle-free navigation.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to jazz up your outdoor space, a renter seeking some personal touches, or someone who just loves a good sale (who doesn’t?) Amazon Prime’s Big Deal Days Event has some great garden and outdoor light deals that will make your evenings that much brighter!

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