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Dunkaroos Are Making A Triumphant Return

General Mills

We all have foods that remind us of childhood. Whether that’s caramel candies or Lunchables, seeing them gives us a ping of nostalgia. If your nostalgia trigger is ridiculously sugar-loaded Dunkaroos, well, then you’re in luck.

The brand began teasing fans in early February when it posted a short video to its Twitter account. In the clip, seen below, the brand goes through multiple ’90s trends like fashion trends and frosted hair but proposes that none of them will be returning: until the arrival of Dunkaroos. The cookie and icing dessert pops up on the screen with a note that reads Summer 2020, and fans of the sugary snack are quite amped up about it.

Unfortunately, General Mills, the parent company to Dunkaroos, hasn’t released an exact launch date for the dessert snack. However, with the video and the resurrection of the brand on Twitter, it’s clear that they will be making a comeback in 2020.

The brand has certainly been into teasing fans since the announcement on Feb. 3. The Dunkaroos Twitter account came back full force at the beginning of February when it retweeted a request from none other than Kim Kardashian West to bring back the snack. Soon, the brand was retweeting other celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and old messages to them about the formerly missing snack. People have responded, Dunkaroos has gained a whopping 37,900 followers since its social media resurgence.

While you still have a bit of a wait until the summer 2020 return of Dunkaroos, rest assured they’re coming.

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