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Here’s Everything Coming To Netflix This Week

coming to netflix

Another week, another line-up of binge-able films and television series coming to Netflix. The streaming service has already launched the much-anticipated sequel to To All The Boys I Loved Before and added the final season of hit CW series Arrow. There’s even more coming.

Here’s everything coming to Netflix this week so you can plan your streaming marathon.

  • February 17
    • Love Dot Com: The Social Experiment: This film followers a chef as she works her way through heartbreak and begins another relationship.
    • The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia: A teenage scientist goes to live with her uncle while working for NASA in this Netflix original.
  • February 19
    • The Chef Show Season 3: In the third season of this series, fans can continue to watch as chef Roy Choi and actor Jon Favreau make dishes with celebrity friends.
  • February 20
    • Spectros: Love horror movies? Check out this film set in Brazil.
    • Untamed Romania: If you’re a sucker for a nature documentary, this one about Romania will be perfect for you.

  • February 21
    • A Haunted House: If you love the Scary Movie franchise, check out Marlon Wayans’ 2013 film A Haunted House.
    • Babies: Yes, this is, in fact, just a documentary about babies. No plot twist or jump scares.
    • Gentefied: Three cousins work together to save their uncle’s taco shop in this Netflix original.
    • Glitch Techs: Video game lovers will be crazy for this animated series, which sees kids fighting monsters from their games that have come to life.
    • Puerta 7: This Netflix original tells the story of a woman looking to rid a soccer club of crime
    • System Crasher: This film tells the story of Benni, a 9-year-old troublemaker on a quest to find love.
    • The Last Thing He Wanted: A reporter, played by Anne Hathaway, helps her father broker an arms deal despite trying to break the story.
    • Yeh Ballet: Follow two talented dancers as they attempt to buck tradition in this film.

  • February 22
    • Girl On The Third Floor: For those who want a twisty, horror-thriller, this will be your best bet this week.
    • Unabomber – In His Own Words: The title on this one is pretty straight forward. It’s a documentary on the Unabomber and the chase to find him.
  • February 23
    • Full Count: Baseball player Milton Young is forced to return home and give up his dream of playing baseball.
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