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7 Ways to Enjoy Guinness Outside a Pint Glass

A dark beer being poured from a bottle into a glass next to a piece of chocolate cake with white icing.

Pounding a pint at the pub is one way to enjoy Guinness, but this rich beer also excels outside the glass. Chocolate, cheese, and smoky brats all pair well with this extra dark brew. So, why not cook with it, too?

Cooking with beer is second only to drinking it, and both activities call for a decent brew. In the same way that a craft brew from the tap tastes better than a domestic beer from the fraternity keg, cooking with Guinness is better than using just about any other beer.

A pot full of Traditional Irish Beef and Guinness Stew.
The Daring Gourmet

Its rich, complex flavors pair well with a variety of foods. And, given its Irish heritage, it’s the perfect beer for St. Patrick’s Day feasting. Regardless of the season, though, the following recipes are sure to inspire some Guinness-fueled cooking:

  • Traditional Irish Beef and Guinness Stew: The bold, black porter is essentially stew’s soul mate. Its complex character goes perfectly with meat and potatoes, which, we suppose, is to be expected.

Get the Recipe: DaringGourmet.com

  • Beef and Guinness Pie: Chicken pot pie might be quintessentially American, but Guinness Pie takes you across the pond. In essence, you take the stew from above and add a flaky, pastry crust. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?

Get the Recipe: Epicurious.com

A slow-cooker full of Guinness Cheese Sauce surrounded by nacho chips and bottles of Guinness.
The Two Bite Club
  • Guinness Cheese Sauce: Dip your pretzel in it, layer it over brats, or build a platter of Irish Nachos. No matter what you do with it, cheese sauce is better with Guinness.

Get the Recipe: TheTwoBiteClub.com

  • Sticky Guinness Chicken: Smoky, sweet, and tender, this recipe is anything but traditional. Porters, like Guinness, traditionally go with red meats, but this recipe switches things up, and we love the new direction.

Get the Recipe: TheEndlessMeal.com

  • Guinness and Brats: Many people enjoy the taste of brats directly off a hot grill, but braising them might be a better approach. Sausage quickly dries out over direct heat, creating a wrinkled skin and unappealing texture. Braise them in some Guinness, though, and the result is a tender, juicy, brat just begging to be enjoyed.

Get the Recipe: PinkWhen.com

Four Guinness brownies.
Well Plated by Erin
  • Guinness Brownies: The ultimate Guinness pairing is probably chocolate. Most beers (and wines) have a hard time standing out from the mix of bitter and sweet chocolate brings to the table. Guinness, though, handles it like a champ!

Get the Recipe: WellPlated.com

  • Irish Guinness Brown Soda Bread: This specialty gets its name from the lack of yeast. It relies on baking soda to rise, which means it’s quick to make. And with some dark, bubbly brew in the batter, the flavor is sure to pop!

Get the Recipe: FoxAndBriar.com

Whether it’s March, June, or December, Guinness is a delight to cook with. But don’t just take it from us—grab a six-pack and head to the kitchen!

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