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Like You’ve Always Suspected: Those “Food Hack” Videos Are Bullshit

Man trying to put a milk carton in a microwave to replicate a food hack video.

You know those food hack videos where a pair of disembodied hands floating in a stylish kitchen combine improbable things like gummi bears, butter, and fairy dust to create a perfect dessert? Watch this video to see somebody actually try them out.

Over at the BBC’s Click, Chris Fox dug through piles of the most popular food and kitchen hacks on the internet. After pouring over popular YouTube lifestyle channels, he took his list of the most-viewed hacks and set about recreating them in his own kitchen. He wanted to see if the incredible results featured in the video were even remotely feasible.

Boy, we don’t know about you, but we are absolutely shocked to our core that you can’t make a perfect flan with three ingredients, next to zero prep, a milk carton, and a microwave. Our dinner plans are ruined, and our disappointment is immeasurable.

If you’d like to watch a video that involves simple ingredients, a microwave, and a food hack that actually works, however, be sure to check out this video from America’s Test Kitchen that we shared earlier this year showcasing how to properly temper chocolate with a microwave oven.

It’s a real food hack with real results, and you’ll even learn a lot about the science of chocolate along the way.

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