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Everything You Need to Spring Clean Your Kitchen

A woman steam mopping, someone using a Swiffer Duster on a ceiling fan, and OXO food containers in a cabinet.

The promise of spring is finally in the air, along with the desire to make everything fresh and spotless again. If you’re planning to do some spring cleaning, there’s no better place to start than the kitchen, and these supplies will help you get the job done right.

There’s something so refreshing about a neat, organized home at the start of a new season, but the kitchen can be a bit intimidating to tackle. If you really want to dive in and do a deep spring cleaning this year, this list of handy, helpful supplies will help you get started.

Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen

If you haven’t deep cleaned your kitchen in a while, it probably (definitely) could use it. Cooking and eating create some of the nastiest germs and bacteria in your home. Here are some basic tips to keep in mind:

  • Clean all appliances: Every single appliance in your kitchen could use a good deep cleaning at least once a year. Your microwave, fridge, dishwasher, oven, stovetop, toaster oven, coffee maker, and all appliances big and small, could probably use a thorough cleansing.
  • Organize your pantry: Now is also an ideal time to empty your pantry, and get it cleaned and organized. Toss anything that’s expired and arrange things on the shelves so the items you use most are easy to get to. If you need to, buy containers and shelf organizers to keep everything neater.
  • Clean out the fridge and freezer: Empty both and toss anything that’s expired. Scrub all the surfaces and walls, and then put everything back, neatly organized.
  • Don’t forget the cabinets: Take everything out, wipe down the shelves, and then put everything back, organized in a way that makes it easy to find everything. Don’t forget to clean the outsides, too.
  • Clean the sink and countertops: Scrub your sink, toss old sponges, and really get into every crevice and corner on your countertops.
  • Sweep and mop the floors: Make them gleam again.

Protective Gloves

A woman wearing Mr. Clean Premium Bliss gloves while washing a dish.
Mr. Clean

You’re going to want to wear some gloves while you’re cleaning the kitchen. They’ll protect your hands from anything gross, as well as harsh cleaning products that can irritate your skin.

Our favorite is Mr. Clean’s Bliss Premium Latex-Free Gloves. The insides are soft and smooth, and they don’t leave behind any weird powdery reside. They’re also super thick and will protect your hands from even the harshest chemicals.

Mr. Clean Premium Bliss Latex-Free Gloves, Size Medium/Two Pairs

Soft on the inside, thick and protective on the outside.

Multi-Surface Cleaner

Mrs. Myers Clean Day Multi-Surface Cleaner, and hand and dish soap.
Mrs. Meyer’s

You’re not going to get much done in the kitchen without an all-purpose cleaner, and we love Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day. You can use it on everything from the counters and stovetop to the floors.

It cleans really well and refreshes, although it’s worth noting that it’s not a disinfectant. However, it comes in so many different wonderful scents, you’ll want to use it everywhere. You can also get the hand and or dish soap for everyday use.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Multi-Surface Spray, Pack of Three

Perfect for cleaning counters, appliances, and even floors.

Dishwasher Cleaner

A woman putting an Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner tablet in a dishwasher.

We often forget to wash the dishwasher because, well, it cleans dishes all the time, so it’s probably pretty clean on its own, right? Er . . . not so much. It’s a good idea to give your dishwasher a good cleaning every once in a while, too.

The easiest way to do it is with Affresh Tablets. You just throw one of these in your empty dishwasher, and then run it through a normal cleaning cycle. It will help you keep your machine free of the lime and minerals that often build up inside.

Affresh Dishwasher Cleaner Tablets, Pack of Six

Just toss one in and let it do its job.

Cooktop Cleaner and Polish

A woman cleaning a glass stove top with Weiman Glass Cook Top Cleaner and Polish.

You probably clean your stove top pretty often, as it’s one of things that gets dirty every time you use it. Still, spring cleaning is the perfect excuse to give it an extra-special scrub.

Instead of just going over it with an all-purpose cleaner, whip out something like Weiman’s Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Polish. Specifically for glass or ceramic stove tops, this stuff will remove burnt-on food, grease stains, and more. It also leaves the surface looking polished and super shiny.

And if you have a gas range, Weiman has a cleaner for that, too!

Weiman Glass/Ceramic Cooktop Heavy-Duty Cleaner and Polish

Removes grease, food, and stains, and polishes too.

Drawer Organizers

Cosmetics and makeup brushes in a clear plastic drawer organizer.

Cleaning out and organizing your kitchen drawers can make your life so much easier. You know that “junk drawer” everyone has in their kitchen? Now’s the time to ditch the stuff that’s really junk and organize the rest!

Some drawers organizers, like this six-piece set from STORi will help you keep everything in its place, so you’ll always be able to find exactly what you need. Get another set for your bathroom and bedroom, too!

STORi Clear Plastic Drawer Organizers, Set of Six

Keep everything in your kitchen drawers neat and organized.

Cleaning Cloths

A stack of gray, green, and pink microfiber cleaning cloths on a closet shelf.
Amazon Basics

Instead of using an entire roll of paper towels (or two) to clean your kitchen, get yourself some Microfiber Cleaning Cloths.

These super-soft towels will clean anything without leaving behind any scratches or streaks. Plus, when you’re done, you can just toss them in the washer and reuse them again later. This set of 24 will have you covered for a long time.

Amazon Basics Microfiber Cleaning Cloths, Pack of 24

Soft enough to clean without scratching.

Fridge Deodorizer

A Fridge Fresh filter and other Arm & Hammer baking soda products.
Arm & Hammer

Once you get your fridge cleaned out, you want it to stay that way—and smell good, too. The Arm & Hammer Fresh Fridge Air Filter eliminates any funky odors in your fridge, which is not only more pleasing for everyone opening it, but can also help keep food fresh longer.

You can place it anywhere, including on the walls. There’s even an indicator so you know when to replace it, so you won’t forget.

Arm & Hammer Fridge Fresh Refrigerator Air Filter

Say goodbye to funky fridge smells forever.

Glass Cleaner

A woman spraying Windex on a sliding glass door.

Don’t forget about all those windows, doors, and any other glass surfaces. Windex is probably the most popular glass cleaner ever, and with good reason: it doesn’t leave streaks.

Windex Glass and Window Cleaner Spray

Streak-free cleaning for windows and doors.

An Extendable Duster

Someone dusting woodwork with a Swiffer.

If you really want to clean every crevice of your kitchen, you have to be able to reach the top of your cabinets and ceiling fans, too. That’s where Swiffer’s Heavy-Duty Extender Starter Kit comes in handy!

The handle extends up to three feet, which means no surface is out of reach, including the tops of those cabinets or your lighting fixtures.

Swiffer Dusters Heavy Duty Extender Starter Kit

Extends up to three feet so nothing is out of reach.

A Steam Mop

A woman using the Shark Steam mop on hardwood floors.

Once you’re ready to tackle the floors, you should do more than just vacuum or sweep if you really want to get a deep clean. Steam cleaning will make them spotless and shiny as new. It really gets rid of stubborn stains and messes other mops can’t seem to handle.

The Shark Genius Hard Floor Cleaning System Pocket Mop is a really awesome option. Not only will your floors look better than ever, but you can just toss the reusable pad in the washer after you’re done mopping. You don’t even have to touch it—just press the release button, and it falls right off.

Food Storage Containers

Dry food in storage containers on a kitchen counter.

Once you clean out the pantry, you might as well organize it, too. If you haven’t already started using storage containers, now’s the time! This 10-piece set from OXO will keep your dry goods fresh for longer than they would last in an opened box. Plus, they look nicer and will help you streamline your pantry.

This set includes several sizes so you can store a bunch of different kinds of food, from cereals to nuts. There’s even a push-button to make every seal airtight.

OXO Good Grips 10-Piece POP Container Set

Keep your opened dry goods fresh for longer.

Baking Soda & Vinegar

Baking soda products.
Arm & Hammer

Baking soda and vinegar are always good to have on hand during spring cleaning, as they’re both very capable (and cheap) cleaners. Whether you want to use a mix of chemical and natural cleaners, or go completely all-natural, baking soda can clean so much.

From stovetops, stainless-steel sinks, silverware, microwaves, and more, you can never have too much baking soda.

White vinegar is another fantastic, all-natural cleaner. It can clean and disinfect everything from stove- and countertops, to microwaves, fridges, and more. It’s also an excellent way to clean small appliances, like coffee makers, food processors, or blenders.

Lucy's Family Owned Natural Distilled White Vinegar, 1 Gallon

Will naturally disinfect basically anything.

A Carry Caddy

A stack of carry caddies and someone carrying cleaning supplies in one caddy.

A handy way to carry your cleaning supplies from appliance to appliance (and room to room) might not seem like a necessity, but once you have one, you’ll wonder how you ever did without one.

The Rubbermaid Deluxe Carry Caddy is awesome. It has slots to hold all of your cleaning supplies so they won’t fall all over each other. The handle allows you to easily tote everything you need to any room in your home.

Rubbermaid Commercial Products Deluxe Carry Caddy

The easy way to lug your supplies from room to room.

When it comes to cleaning, your kitchen is usually the biggest job to tackle. With these handy cleaning supplies, though, you’ll be able to knock it out much sooner than you think . . . and move on to those bathrooms.

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