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8 Adorable Easter Treats Your Kids Can Help You Make

A woman holding a decorated egg out to a little girl, who's wearing bunny ears and eating a chocolate egg.
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Celebrate Easter by making (and eating) these yummy, festive goodies! Each treat is tasty, easy to make, and kid-approved. So, gather your little bunnies and dive into these fun recipes!

Take a gander at the instructions provided by the creators of these recipes. They’ll guide you through the instructions, and we’ll include some kid-friendly tips, as well.

Rice Krispie Easter Eggs

A bunch of colorful Rice Krispie Easter eggs.
Two Sisters

Rice Krispie treats are the epitome of child-approved snacks, and we’ve got an Easter version for you to try. The only problem is these addictive goodies get gobbled up so fast, they rarely last more than a day.

For this recipe, you mix Easter colors in with the melted marshmallows, and then add the cereal. You have to use the stove, but once everything is mixed and cool enough for little hands, let your kids help.

With extra-clean hands, they can form the Easter eggs out of the Rice Krispie mix, and then arrange them by color. Alternatively, you can put the mixture on a cookie sheet, and let them use greased, egg-shaped cookie cutters.

Get the Recipe: Two Sisters Crafting

Oreo Bunny Butts

Three bunny butt Oreo pops.
Hungry Happenings

Bunny butts are remarkably adorable—and this version of those little cottontails tastes yummy, too. All you need for this easy recipe is a pack of mega-stuffed Oreos, some paper straws, candy melts, and some bunny icing decorations.

The tutorial is easy to follow and includes images for each step. Have your kids help with dipping the Oreos or adding the bunny feet and/or tails.

Get the Recipe: Hungry Happenings

Butterscotch Haystacks

Two nests made from peanut butter, butterscotch, and chow mien noodles, each holding three colorful Cadbury Eggs.
The Typical Mom

These butterscotch haystacks are just the cutest things! And they only take a few minutes to make.

You melt some peanut butter with butterscotch candies, mix in chow mein noodles, and then plop spoonfuls onto a sprayed muffin tin.

Have the kids add three Easter egg chocolates to each haystack and let them cool. They’re easy, adorable, and tasty!

Get the Recipe: The Typical Mom

Bunny Bait

A large bowl full of bunny bait surrounded by four decorated baggies of it.
Life in Pleasantville

When spring comes, it’s important to prepare for the arrival of the Easter Bunny! This delicious snack is the sure way to lure him—unless, of course, you eat it all first.

Once the popcorn is ready, have the kids add the M&M’s and pretzels, while you take care of warming up and adding the candy melts.

Mix it all and, then the kids can also add the final touch (sprinkles) before you let it harden on a baking sheet.

Get the Recipe: Life in Pleasantville

Easter Muddy Buddies

A bowl full of Easter-style Muddy Buddies.
Amanda’s Cookin’

Muddy Buddies (aka Puppy Chow) is another highly addictive, versatile snack. You can make a variation of it for every holiday. Making this Easter version is a fantastic activity for the kids to be involved in.

After you melt the peanut butter, chocolate, and butter, mix in your Chex cereal and let the kids “gently” mix in the powdered sugar.

Caution: This could get messy!

Get the Recipe: Amanda’s Cookin

Peanut Butter Easter Eggs

Six peanut butter eggs decorated with white and milk chocolate, stacked on a cupcake tier.
Butter with a Side of Bread

If you’re a devoted lover of all things peanut butter, then, boy, do we have a treat for you! This recipe is a bit more involved than the others, but it still offers plenty of steps the kids can help with.

Have your little cuties use cookie cutters to cut out egg shapes. Tell them they’re the “master decorators.” They can also help drizzle and add sprinkles at the end.

Enjoy making (and, especially, eating) these sinfully scrumptious peanut butter eggs.

Get the Recipe: Butter with a Side of Bread

Crème Egg Rocky Road

Four squares of Crème Egg Rocky Road, each topped with Cadbury mini eggs and a Cadbury Crème egg.
Brit + Co

While you melt the chocolate, peanut butter, and maple syrup in a saucepan, your little ones can prepare the marshmallows, raisins, crackers, and other ingredients.

They can also help you mix all the ingredients and decorate with some Cadbury mini eggs at the end. Together, you can create a dessert the whole family will love.

Get the Recipe: Brit + Co

Easter Bunny Bark

Separated pieces of bright-pink Bunny Bark with bunny rabbit faces and sprinkles on each.
The Decorated Cookie

We’ll finish things off with one of our favorite versatile holiday desserts: bark! This time, it celebrates the Easter Bunny.

You use candy melts (or chocolate) as the base of this bark. Then, you decorate with sprinkles and by creating little bunnies with white candy melts and food writing markers.

Your child can make the little faces while you do the rest and watch as this cute treat comes to life.

Get the Recipe: The Decorated Cookie

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