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Take a Video Tour of a Hotel Room That Costs $200,000 to Book

Photograph of the balcony of the Palm's Empathy Suite, featuring a pool.
Palms Casino Resort

If you’re having trouble envisioning what a hotel room with a booking price the cost of a large Midwestern home looks like, well struggle no more. You can watch this video and get the grand tour.

The room is question is the Empathy Suite in the Palms hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. The room isn’t just a room, as you might imagine, it’s actually a suite. . . and, also as you might imagine, not just any suite.

It’s a 9,000 square foot collection of rooms including two bedrooms, multiple living rooms, a dining room, a game room, multiple bathrooms, and honestly, more rooms on top of that which you simply have to see to believe. Thankfully, Doug DeMuro had 20 minutes and the help of travel site Vegas.com to get inside and wander. We promise you, the private balcony pool in the photo above will feel like one of the less extravagant things by the end of the video.

Here’s what you get for $100k a night with a minimum two night booking fee:

Do we dig the weird pharmaceutical drug trip vibe? No. Do we dig the views, the space, and the. . . salt room? Yes, yes, we do. Now if you’ll excuse us, we have a house to sell to afford a weekend in Vegas at the top of the Palms.

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