Here’s Everything Coming to Netflix This Week

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The Netflix new arrivals list is a bit lighter this week than last—no surprise given that the start of each month is when the service drops more new content—but there’s still plenty of stuff to check out.

Fans of crime thriller fans will dig Mark Whalberg’s new Netflix film, and foodies, you’ll be happy to know that Ugly Delicious is back for another season.

Without further ado, here’s everything coming to Netflix this week.

  • March 3
    • Freaks: This sci-fi film starring Emile Hirsch centers on a population of supernaturally gifted humans who are being hunted.
    • Freshman Year: Watch as two men start their first year of college.
    • Taylor Tomlinson: Quarter-Life Crisis: Comedian Taylor Tomlinson discusses life in her mid-twenties in this hour-long comedy special.
  • March 4
    • Everybody’s Everything: This documentary explores the life of musician Lil Peep.
  • March 5
    • Castlevania: The third season of the video game adaptation debuts this month.
    • Mighty Little Bheem: Festival of Colors: Watch Bheem in this series as he celebrates Holi.
    • Wassup Man GO!: This film follows star Joon Park as he heads to Los Angeles.
  • March 6
    • Alakada Reloaded: This Nigerian film follows a woman who embellishes her past to gain status.
    • Guilty: Follow a group of friends as they navigate life through allegations that one of them raped a woman.
    • I am Jonas: Jonas recalls his turbulent relationship with a boy named Nathan in this French film.
    • Paradise PD: Watch more of these animated cops hijinks in season 2.

  • March 6
    • Spenser Confidential: Mark Whalberg and Winston Duke star in this crime thriller about a framed cop.
    • The Protector: Keep up with Hakan as he protects Turkey from supernatural forces in season 3.
    • Twin Murders: The Silence of the White City: Crime drama fans will love this Spanish film about a detective investigating ritual murders.
    • Ugly Delicious: Chef David Chang is back with more food adventures in this docu-series.
  • March 8
    • Sitara: Let Girls Dream: This animated short follows Pari who wants to be a pilot but whose father has plans to marry her to an older man.
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