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Yes, Those McDonald’s Candles You’re Seeing on Social Media Are Real

mcdonalds candles
Golden Arches Unlimited

While it might be shamrock shake season, McDonald’s is going viral for a much different reason. The fast-food brand is moving into the home decor business with perhaps the most unexpected item you can imagine. McDonald’s candles are real, and yes, they make your space smell like the famous fast-food chain.

The McDonald’s candles are part of a broader celebration of the franchise’s iconic Quarter Pounder. In honor of the burger, the brand launched Golden Arches Unlimited Quarter Pounder Fan Club, an online store full of quirky items dedicated to the burger chain. While all of the items in the store are pretty worthy of mention (like the locket with a picture of a burger inside), the candles were the immediate standout thanks to their scents.

According to the Golden Arches website, the candles are not only color-coded to the ingredients inside the Quarter Pounder, but they smell like them, too. Bun, ketchup, pickle, cheese, onion, and beef scents come together in the kit to create a concoction that should, in theory, smell like the burger when lit together.

six-pack of scented candles
Golden Arches Unlimited

The candles originally retailed for $35 on the site, but are currently sold out. For some reason, people really wanted their homes to smell like a Quarter Pounder with onions and pickles? In fact, all of the Quarter Pounder inspired merch has sold out, but don’t fret. There’s so much more for you to shop.

socks with McDonald's featuring pictures of French fries
Golden Arches Unlimited

The Golden Arches Unlimited site features a plethora of McDonald’s themed apparel and accessories you can shop. From the French-fry themed socks to T-shirts with every McDonald’s nickname imprinted on front to a knitted beanie and a McFlurry journal, you don’t need the candles to express your love of the chain.

Did you really want your house to smell like a Quarter Pounder, anyway?

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