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The Kitchen Tools You Need According to an Italian Culinary School Grad

Someone cutting fresh vegetables on a cutting board.

With the sheer number of kitchen gadgets and gizmos out there, how do you decide which ones are worthwhile? If you’re shopping (or purging the junk from your kitchen), this culinary grad has some opinions to share.

Over at My Domaine, Italian culinary school grad Claire Ballor suggests 10 items everyone needs in their kitchen. While you might think someone who went to culinary school probably has a few gadgets  you just won’t need or know how to use, think again. Ballor’s list is a lineup of great storage items, cooking tools, and accessories that make total sense.

Her list includes things you might expect—like a good set of mixing bowls—but one item might stand out to you like a bit of an old school throwback: a mortar and pestle.

You’ve most likely seen the ages-old stone kitchen tool while getting table-made guacamole at your local Tex-Mex place, but Ballor suggests they have more practical applications. She writes:

“They may seem antiquated, but mortar and pestle sets very much deserve a spot in the modern kitchen. Use them to grind spices, make pesto, smash garlic, or crush nuts for sauces and garnishes.”

We’re all about keeping a mortar and pestle on hand—in fact, Ballor’s favorite mortar and pestle is the same one we recommended in our guide to spice grinding.

Mortar and pestle on a table surrounded by spices.

Although you might not have thought about all the practical applications for a mortar and pestle, Ballor’s recommendation might have you rethinking it. If you’re curious about what else your kitchen might need, you can find the rest of Ballor’s kitchen must-haves over at My Domaine.

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