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Krispy Kreme Delivery Is Coming. Here’s How to Take Advantage

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Doughnut lovers, your day is about to be made. Krispy Kreme delivery is here, and it’s the greatest, most convenient way to access doughnuts on demand. So how do you take advantage?

Over last weekend (leap day to be precise), the iconic doughnut chain rolled out nationwide delivery at nearly all of its American locations. The brand revealed exclusively to USA Today that the service would be conducted through delivery service DoorDash, not done directly by local stores and local employees, but that doesn’t make it any less exciting. Hello, you’re still getting delivery doughnuts. Using the DoorDash app, those within a 10-mile radius of a shop can have the hot and freshly fried dough delivered for just $4.99. Whether you want sprinkles, creme filling, or chocolate coating, it can all be yours.

While the announcement itself is exciting (and now available), the way in which the brand decided to unveil the new service is as cute as the announcement is exciting. The official kickoff for Krispy Kreme delivery began on leap day, and the brand clearly wanted to celebrate the “delivery” aspect of its new offer. For Feb. 29, Krispy Kreme delivered free doughnuts to hospitals to celebrate all the Leap Day babies coming into the world.

Honestly, is there anything better than rewarding hardworking nurses and doctors and celebrating babies with doughnuts? I didn’t think so.

Now that leap day is over, if you want to take advantage of Krispy Kreme delivery, simply make sure you’re within a 10-mile radius of a shop and sign up for a DoorDash account. Once that’s done, you’ll be on your couch, doughnut in hand, whether it’s your morning wake-up or your post-dinner dessert.

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