When You Consume Olive Oil Can Boost Its Benefits

Salad dressing being poured on to a salad.

Adding olive oil to your diet to improve your health? It’s always helpful, but it’s extra powerful if you eat it when your body can take advantage of it the most.

Sure, aging gracefully is beautiful! But, let’s be honest, we all want to slow down the process a bit. From creams and supplements to serums and injections, the antiaging business is booming.

However, the secret to keeping wrinkles at bay might be in your pantry. According to research by Dr. Doug Mashek from the University of Minnesota, consuming olive oil after exercise could be the best way to slow down the aging process.

That’s the catch, though. While olive oil has plenty of health benefits, its antiaging abilities are supercharged by fasting and exercise. Per the research, when you consume it after a period of calorie deficit or exercise, it activates different cellular pathways, which makes it more effective.

So, next time you’re contemplating your mortality, consider adding an olive-oil-based dressing to your salad or drizzling some of this healthy oil on your next meal. And to get extra benefits, enjoy it after a round of exercise!

[via Ladders]

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