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The Top 10 Movie and TV Leprechauns

Mad Sweeney, a character from American Gods, standing in front of a neon sign that says "Luck."
Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) from American Gods. Starz

With St. Patrick’s Day comes thoughts of pots of gold and leprechauns. To celebrate this holiday of green beer and luck, here are some leprechauns from both the big and small screen that are worth checking out.

Seamus Fitzpatrick, “Charmed”

The original Charmed TV series was rife with supernatural beings, from nymphs to demons, and leprechauns were no exception. However, Seamus Fitzpatrick (Mark Povinelli) appeared in only one episode.

Unlike the creepy goblin-looking leprechaun in the Leprechaun movies, Seamus and friends were pretty normal looking.

Mad Sweeney, “American Gods”

Mad Sweeney (Pablo Schreiber) is one of the best leprechauns ever! He definitely doesn’t look like the stereotypical leprechaun, either (see the photo above). For starters, he’s 6 feet 5 inches tall!

He does have the quirky attitude that befits a leprechaun, though. He also has a bit of an obsession with his gold, or lucky charm, as is typical with leprechauns.

Wayne Whittaker, “Supernatural”

Robert Picardo holding a knife as Wayne Whittaker on "Supernatural."
Wayne Whittaker (Robert Picardo) in a scene from Supernatural. The CW

Wayne Whittaker (Robert Picardo) is another abnormally tall leprechaun. On Supernatural, leprechauns are fairies. Wayne has super-strength, and he can instantly appear anywhere via teleportation.

He’s also hard to kill. Just like in the Leprechaun films, iron has an ill effect on Wayne, but it doesn’t kill him.

O’Reilly the Leprechaun, “The Simpsons”

This is the first leprechaun on our list that completely embodies the way you probably imagine them. Dressed in green and small enough to hang out on your shoulder, O’Reilly the Leprechaun is voiced by Dan Castellaneta.

He isn’t a good guy, either—he picks a fight with Homer Simpson. He’s also Ralph’s imaginary friend and tells him to burn things. O’Reilly has a red-wearing doppelganger called Northern Irish.

The Leprechaun, Leprechaun

The Leprechaun (Warwick Davis, in the first six) from the horror film series of the same name is a nasty poet who murders people who take his gold. He’s supposed to grant wishes, as the story goes. This murderous little guy in green appears in eight films.

The franchise is a pretty wild ride, so if you want to know what you’re getting into, check out our extended review.

Leprechaun, “South Park”

The children of South Park trying to catch a leprechaun who's in a tree smoking a pipe.
South Park Studios/Comedy Central

The adorable Leprechaun only appeared in one episode of South Park called, “Imaginationland Episode I.” (It’s actually Season 11, Episode 10 if you want to jump right in.) The Leprechaun is a figment of Cartman’s imagination, but he might have been real.

Later in the episode, Stan and Kyle go to a place called Imaginationland, where there are all sorts of imaginary beings. While the cute little Leprechaun only appears to Cartman, he’s worth a spot on our list—the three-part story arc of “Imaginationland” won an Emmy in 2008.

King Brian, “Darby O’Gill and the Little People”

Darby O’Gill and the Little People is a Disney film about an older gentleman who loses his job to someone younger. While he’s pondering how to tell his daughter the news, his walk home gets dicey. He slips into another world filled with little people.

One of these is a leprechaun named King Brian (Jimmy O’Dea), and he’s the opposite of the other leprechauns on this list. While he can be a trickster at times, he’s mostly fun-loving and kind.

The Leprechaun, “Leprechaun: Origins”

In the final two films of the Leprechaun horror franchise, the lead character is different. While the final film returns to a similar, corny leprechaun, the fifth movie did something a little more frightening.

This Leprechaun is evil and creepy looking, and instead of rhyming, he just makes scary guttural noises.

Og, “Finian’s Rainbow”

If you’re a fan of musicals, Finian’s Rainbow offers you a dash of Fred Astaire with a little leprechaun and a pot of gold meant to change a couple’s lives.

In this tale, if Og (Tommy Steele) doesn’t get his gold back within a certain amount of time, he’ll become human.

Farr Darrig, “Unlucky Charms”

If you didn’t get enough horror from the Leprechaun films, Unlucky Charms gives you another vengeful leprechaun to hate. Farr Darrig (Nathan Phillips) leads a band of baddies after some sexy women—yeah, it’s that kind of campy horror movie.

The mythical leprechaun is joined by a banshee, a cyclops, and a hobgoblin. It’s cheesy, but perfect for those who love B-flicks.

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