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This Clever Site Turns Any Song into a Hand-Washing Routine

diagram showing how to wash hands while singing lyricsLook, you don’t need a fancy web-based lyric generator to create a custom hand-washing PSA based on your favorite song. You just want it. Trust us.

If you’ve heard any advice on washing your hands properly, one thing stands out: People don’t wash their hands long enough. The classic advice is that you’d better lather up long enough to sing your way through Happy Birthday. Twice.

That’s all well and good, but Happy Birthday isn’t a crowd favorite even at birthday parties, so there’s no shame in wanting a different song to sing along to. Sure, you could just sing to yourself whatever you felt like singing. But this incredibly clever online tool—Wash Your Lyrics—will take any song you want and turn it into a PSA-style poster showing exactly how your chosen song’s lyrics line up with  proper hand-washing steps.

the steps to have your song lyrics of choice added to the hand-washing diagram

To test the matter, we picked the song Piano Man by Billy Joel. It’s slow-moving and seems like a perfectly chill song to wash your hands to. (If you’re more of a boxing movie montage hand-washer, maybe try Eye of the Tiger—that one lined up really nicely, too.)

Did it work? Absolutely. If you wash your hands to the start of Piano Man, and you sing the song at its original leisurely tempo, by the time you hit “Well, we’re all in the mood for a melody,” you’ve just washed your hands for 45 seconds.

It’ll actually take you 48 seconds, however, because only a monster would stop on that line and not finish it with, “and you’ve got us feelin’ all right.”

In the mood to see how your favorite song looks on the other side of the generator? Take it for a spin here.

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