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4 Crayon Projects for National Crayon Day

Melted crayons on a canvas.
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Crayons are for more than coloring, and they’re not just for kids. You can celebrate National Crayon Day on March 31 with one or more of these fun, crafty crayon projects.

Make Melted Crayon Art

If you don’t want to color with your box of crayons, you can still create art with them. All you need is a canvas, a blow dryer, and some wax crayons. For faster melting, you can also use a heat gun from the craft store.

WikiHow has some easy to follow instructions to get you started.


Make Crayons More Fun

If you or your kids enjoy coloring with crayons, but are tired of their basic, stick-like look, you can make them more fun! Melt down your crayons in muffin tins (you can even get some with fun shapes) or melt and pour them into cookie or candle molds. You can even make Lego crayons. Mix the colors for an even more fun!

Here’s another way to melt your crayons, courtesy of Martha Stewart.

Make Crayon Candles

Candles and crayons are both made of wax, so why not create some colorful, fun candles for your home? All you need are some wicks and essential oils. You can melt down crayons in a double-boiler on the stovetop, or in the microwave (slowly and carefully).

This DIY Crayon Candle recipe doesn’t include scent, but you can just add some essential oil to each layer (a drop or two will do).

Make Lip Gloss

DIY lip gloss is perfect for young and old alike. When you use crayons, you can come up with some really fun colors! Most crayons (check the label) are nontoxic and should be safe to add to the other ingredients (which includes coconut and essential oils) in your lip gloss.

To make your own, check out this recipe from Raising Lifelong Learners.

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