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10 Fitness YouTubers to Follow When You Can’t Hit the Gym

A group of fitness instructors preparing a YouTube video.
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YouTube is great for entertainment, but it’s also great for filling your exercise time with fantastic guided exercises and finding ideas for home workouts. Let’s take a look.

Whether you’re stuck at home and want to get in a regular workout, or you’re starting working out at home for the first time, there’s a little something for everyone.

The YouTube fitness community is really big, with thousands of high-quality videos of everything from pilates, yoga, and boxing, to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), sports drills, and mobility exercises. Some of the content creators acquired a large crowd of subscribers over the recent years, turning into self-made fitness superstars overnight.

Along with that rise to fame comes more time to make videos and higher production values with good cameras and lighting. The end result is a boom of awesome videos.

Whitney Simmons

Not only does this blond Colorado sweetheart have an addictive style and smile, but her workouts will make even the most-experienced gym rats sore for days. Famous for her super-set exercises, Whitney will equally work your legs and upper body, making her videos the perfect remedy for these stuck-at-home times we’re all worried about.

And if YouTube wasn’t enough, check her Instagram feed as she posts new and motivating workouts every single day for her 3M devoted followers, or download her new Alive app and become a part of her large community.

Jeff Nippard

His subscribers love him for the in-depth scientific approach he takes when creating his exercise and nutrition videos, debunking myths and making healthy lifestyle changes seem much easier to adapt to.

Now, he’s addressing the new situation we are all in, and giving out free tips and tricks on how to adjust your training and diet and not to stray from your long-term fitness goals.

Pamela Reif

This bubbly German fitness superstar grew her fanbase by making at-home workout videos from the very beginning, so naturally these types of videos are her playground.

From quick 20-min full-body workouts to 30-min yoga flows and specific-isolation moves, there’s plenty to choose from so you can try a new workout every day.

The Fitness Marshall

Dance your heart out with this popular fitness YouTuber whose style and energy are simply contagious, as all of his 2.3 M subscribers would agree.

Stay on top of your fitness goals with the newest music hits like “Yummy” from Justin Bieber and “React” by Pussycat Dolls, or do one of his 60-min intense bootcamp classes and feel the burn for days to come. Whoever said at-home fitness is boring definitely must disagree at this point.


The inventer of her own style, a combination of POP Pilates, PIIT28, and fun Bootcamp Sculpting workouts, Cassey Ho never in her dreams imagined she would be close to 5M devoted fans when she started uploading videos to YouTube for her pilates students back in 2009.

Since then, everyone now is familiar with her at-home creative workouts and fun personality that challenges and motivates at the same time. Try out some of her famous challenges or ab-torture routines, and you won’t feel bad all the gyms are closed.

Tone It Up

The famous California duo, Karena and Katrina, created Tone It Up as a community of strong women who support and motivate one another to lead healthy and happy lives, inspiring them to make changes and stick to their fitness and wellness goals. From nationawide events and workshops, to nutritional guidance and YouTube videos, this power couple has a plethora of interesting content to browse through and get inspired by.

Bully Juice

From the moment you tune into his first video, Bully Juice will keep you glued to the screen. His energy is through the roof and his exercise knowledge is extensive, so prepare yourself for high-quality workouts that will undoubtedly yield desired results. From real-time lower body leg blasters to quick and effective ab destroyers, sign on to YouTube in the morning and there’ll be a new workout waiting for your every day.

Natacha Oceane

That working out from home doesn’t have to be boring is a fact Natacha Oceane took upon herself to prove. Her videos are extremely creative and versatile, and can easily leave you breathless after just 15 min. From bodyweight exercise videos, to those showing what you can do with just one piece of equipment, her workouts are suitable for all levels and all ages. Have fun trying out moves you’ve probably never seen before, and feel your muscles get challenged with every breath you take.

Sarah’s Day

Probably one of the most famous Australian YouTubers right now, Sarah’s been a role model to many as she bravely shared her workouts and diet changes to keep herself accountable. Her at-home workouts have millions of views and clicks, which prompted her to launch her own fitness ebooks, a timer app, and even her own activewear line. Her vibe is joyful and positive, making it easy to put on your fitness gear and get your sweat on.

Insanity Workouts by Shaun T

Shaun T took the world by storm in 2009 when his famous “Insanity” workout videos spread worldwide, getting everybody hooked on his high-intensity interval exercises. Since then, Shaun T has done everything from TV shows and retreats, to workshops and motivational speeches.

He’s been working with Beachbody since day one and bringing some of his trainings to the YouTube community, providing it for free and making it accessible to everyone. Once called “the hardest workout put on DVD,” Insanity can still make you work like crazy.


One of the most famous online fitness portals has a YouTube channel and features some of the most entertaining videos out there. From Victoria’s Secret workouts, to Red-Carpet ready dance moves, you’ll never get bored with watching their videos. Bust a move with your favorite trainers from their vast portfolio and join the POPSUGAR community, one rep at a time.

YouTube has made working out from home not only easy and motivating, but also fun and exciting. Stay on top of your fitness goals and browse through thousands of free workouts out there; you won’t even miss the gym.

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