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5 Gifts to Buy Your Dog for National Puppy Day

A golden retriever puppy chews on a toy.

March 23 is National Puppy Day. Whether you’re bringing home a new pooch or just want to celebrate with your dog, here are some great gifts to buy your best friend.

Puzzle Toys

Puzzle toys are excellent gifts for inquisitive dogs. There are different kinds of puzzle toys, but the thing they all have in common is your pup has to work for a treat. A Kong stuffed with treats can be a good distraction for a while. If you want your furbaby to work a bit more for a treat, there are puzzle toys of all levels. Some require that the dog remove or move items to find the snack hidden below or within.

Snuffle mats offer your dog something to sniff for and are ideal for dogs in scent training. You can find elaborate (like this one from Amazon) or simple mats.

Advanced puzzle toys require your dog to remove something to find a treat beneath, and in more challenging ways than snuffle mats and “nose” training toys. Clever products, like this one from Outward Hound (also shown in the video above), really require intense focus.

There are also easier puzzle toys that drop treats when your dog rolls a ball the right way, too. The roll-ball designs are great to occupy your dog while you’re at work. It will take him some time to roll (and re-roll) the ball to get all the treats out, even after he’s figured out the method.

Subscription Boxes

Celebrate your dog every month by signing up for a subscription box. There are numerous options available, and most of them include toys, treats, and other surprises. Boxes typically cost anywhere from $10 per month on the low end to $40 per month on the high end. Every month you can surprise your dog with an array of new goodies, and you won’t even have to go to the store!

One of the most popular options is Bark Box, which starts at $22 a month. There are plenty of other options, though. The Bullymake Box offers toys for super-intense chewers, and the Rescue Box donates toys, food, and vaccines to animal shelters for every box they deliver.

A subscription box is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

A Quality Collar and Leash

A dog sitting in a field, wearing a colorful study collar.
Lupine Pet

While there are tons of different collars and leashes out there, I can save you a lot of time. The only collars, harnesses, and leashes I buy for my dogs and cats have been from Lupine, and there’s a very good reason for that. When you buy from Lupine, you’re investing in your pet’s future—or at least the future of her collars, harnesses, and leashes. That’s because Lupine offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its products.

And the guarantee doesn’t just cover any manufacturing defects; it also covers any damage resulting from regular activity, including chewing. If you have a pet that puts the hurt on her leashes, you can’t go wrong with Lupine.

Tough Toys

One of my dogs used to destroy any normal toy in a matter of seconds. If your dog is tough on toys or has some powerful jaw strength, invest in some toys that will last a little longer. Look for some that are labeled “indestructible,” “durable,” or “aggressive chewer.”

Some great (and fun) options include:

  • Classic Kong: Most dogs love these, and you can fill them with treats! There are Kongs for average chewers and more durable options, as well.
  • Durable rubber toys: From tires made from fire hoses to ring toys, there are some very durable rubber toys available. This one comes with a guarantee.
  • Fun toys: Toys for aggressive chewers don’t have to be boring. This pineapple will keep you and your dog entertained.

Dog Bakery Snacks

Dog eating a dog-friendly birthday cake.
Maksym Fesenko/Shutterstock

Or should I say “barkery” snacks? If your town has a doggie bakery (yes, they do exist), get your pup some freshly made treats. Dog bakeries offer all sorts of goodies, not just biscuits.

You’ll find doggy cookies that look good enough for humans to eat. Some dog bakeries even bake cakes for dogs. Now, that’s a great way to celebrate National Puppy Day!

If you don’t know where your nearest dog bakery is, just hop on any old search engine and take a look!

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