Virtually Explore the Louvre and Other Iconic Museums

The front entrance and pyramid at the Louvre.
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If you’re stuck at home, it’s probably pretty monotonous by now. However, social distancing isn’t going away any time soon and we should all be practicing it. Fortunately, museums like the Louvre are helping you scratch that itch to go out.

You’re likely spending large swathes of your day at home right now, and you might be going a bit stir crazy. If you’ve got kids at home, too, you might be looking for more educational ways for them to spend their time.

Enter virtual museum tours. Multiple world-renowned museums are allowing digital tours during the pandemic, and yes, the Louvre is one of them.

And if you think this is just some low-effort slideshow, you should really check it out. It’s a full virtual walk-through of sections in the museum. You have so much detail and control, you can walk right up to the statues and admire them, just as you would in person.

A statue of a woman and child from the Louvre virtual tour.

After you’ve toured this famous French museum, you can move on over to others, including The Guggenheim in New York, the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C., and The British Museum in London.

For a list of the 10 best museums you can explore online, head over to The Points Guy.

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