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Taken Up Knitting? Harry Potter Fans Will Love This Pattern Book

Examples of Harry Potter knitted items, surrounded by yarn.
Tanis Gray/Insight Editions

You have likely cooped up in your house thanks to emergency orders and shelter-in-place mandates. There’s never been a better time to start a new hobby. Harry Potter knitting patterns may be the best place to start.

According to PopSugar, an entire book of knitting patterns revolving around the famed book and film series exists. The book, called Harry Potter: Knitting Magic, features 25 different options for you to create.

From Umbridge’s cat scarf (which may induce a shudder because, well, Umbridge), to an official Weasley Christmas sweater, to a Platform 9 3/4 scarf, you can make yourself or your friends and family a myriad of Harry Potter themed goods. All you need is the book to get started. If you want to get a look at some of the things people have created, many knitters have taken to website Ravelry to showcase their work from the knitting book.

Example of a Harry Potter inspired knit figure.
Tanis Gray/Insight Editions

While the pattern book is available on Amazon, due to the coronavirus, the only retailer is focusing just on essential items, which means the patter book wouldn’t arrive until late April or May. Thankfully, other stores are still open and available for curbside pickup and delivery. Currently, you can snag the Harry Potter pattern book at Barnes and Noble for $26.99 and have it in just a few days.

If you’ve thought of taking up knitting and love Harry Potter, this find may be for you.

[via PopSugar]



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