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10 Fun Date Ideas to Try While You’re Stuck at Home

A man and woman holding wine glasses at a table filled with candles.
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If current circumstances prevent you from having a proper date night, have one at home! We’ve got just the tips to make it a night worth remembering.

There are many reasons couples end up stuck at home, such as lack of childcare, snowstorms, or, even worse, a global pandemic. Thanks for spoiling all the romance, COVID-19.

But here’s the good news: you don’t have to leave the house to have fun. As impossible as it might seem, there are plenty of ways you can relax, unwind, and connect without stepping outside your home.

Set the Mood

Part of the allure of a date night is taking a break from the norm, like ignoring the stacks of dirty dishes and getting a break from whiny kids. We get that it’s challenging to have a high-quality date at home, but setting the mood will definitely help.

First, it’s hard to feel sexy if you’re wearing sweatpants and slippers. Put on some make-up, a dress, and heels if that’s your usual date-night attire. Guys can wear a tie and slap on some cologne.

Next, set aside an area of the house for your “date.” It might be your bedroom, the living room, or even the back porch. String up some twinkle lights, set out some candles, or play some music—anything that makes it feel more special. You don’t have to go over the top—there’s no need to do a deep clean before your date.

Lastly, try to minimize the regular at-home distractions. Unplug or silence your phones and turn off the TV. Put the kids to bed early (or let them have some screen time, so you can have some alone time).

Once you’ve created some ambiance, you’ll be more inclined to enjoy yourself. And that’s what date night is all about!

A Game Night

Settling into a night of competitive fun is a great way to connect with your partner. Whip up some snacks, crack open a bottle of wine, and pull some of those dusty games off the shelf.

Don’t have any board games? You should get some. In the meantime, here are some two-player card games that only require a regular deck of playing cards.

You can take your games online, too. Even though we discourage using technology during your date, the following suggestions at least spark some conversation:

  • Date night quiz: Find out how much you really know about your partner.
  • Online trivia: Race to see who can finish first with the highest score.
  • Would you rather: Learn more about each other by answering questions like “Would you rather spend the day surfing the ocean or the internet?”
  • Internet scavenger hunts: Check things off your list, and then discuss what you discovered. The lists include “Dream It,” “Do It,” “Find It,” and “Map It.
  • Personality tests: Although this isn’t necessarily a game, it’s a ton of fun! You’ll likely learn a ton of info about yourself and your significant other. Some popular options include the Meyers-BriggEnneagram, and Five Love Languages.

Partner Yoga

A man and woman doing Yoga together on the floor in front of a sofa while watching a laptop.

Spend the evening stretching, breathing, and connecting through physical touch. You don’t need to have any prior yoga experience to enjoy this relaxing, rejuvenating activity.

If you have yoga mats, spread them out on the floor. Otherwise, you can stretch out on the carpet or use a rug.

Dim the lights and set out some flameless candles to set the mood. Make sure you’re wearing loose, comfortable clothing.

Here are some of our favorite videos:

A Couples Massage

There’s no need to pay for a professional massage therapist when you have each other. Seriously, you can give (and receive!) a decent massage right at home.

Find a quiet place for your massages. Don’t try to compete with the TV or each other’s phones. Turn off all technology—you’d have to do the same at the spa, right?

There are a variety of ordinary oils you can use for your massage, including coconut or olive. However, if you want to get fancy, try this lavender, peppermint, and marjoram massage oil. Make sure you lie down on a towel so the oil won’t stain your carpet or sheets.

You can study up on the different types of massage, like Swedish, deep tissue, and Thai. Here are some great tutorials to get you started:

Most importantly, make sure to time each person’s session—you don’t want anyone to feel short-changed!

Dance Lessons

Perhaps you or your partner have been too self-conscious or intimidated to try group dance lessons in the past. The great thing about dancing in your living room is there’s absolutely no judgement. You have the freedom to explore multiple styles, and see which one you like the most.

Who cares if you step on each other’s feet? The goal is to have fun, not become the next Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Here are a few videos to get you started:

A Romantic Dinner

Indulging in food is a fantastic way to spend time with your loved one, and you don’t have to spend tons of money or slave away for hours in the kitchen to do it!

Order your favorite take-out and pick it up or have it delivered. Transform this basic meal into an upscale experience by pulling out the fancy china, wine glasses, and candles.

Consider making it a themed dinner, and then think of appetizers and dishes that will fit your chosen theme. For example, for a Mexican-inspired date, whip out some chips and guacamole. Follow it up with some chicken enchiladas or delicious cheesy quesadillas.

Working on a new recipe together is another great option. Tackle an authentic curry, some hand-rolled sushi, or a delectable lasagna. Yum!

Check out Four Romantic Dinners for Date Night to get more ideas.

Everything Is Better with Dessert

Chocolate is widely believed to be an aphrodisiac. Although this claim is debatable, it’s still a nice addition to any date night. Who doesn’t love indulging in some chocolate (or any other treat that tickles your fancy)?

Turn your date night into an official chocolate-tasting event! Set out a variety of chocolate bars, nibble a bit from each, and then discuss the unique flavors and aromas. You can even rank them from 1 to 10 and put some notecards next to the winners. Don’t forget to post pictures—your friends will be so jealous!

Use the time to get creative, and whip up something delectable. You can try this delish homemade ice cream recipe, chocolate truffles, or donuts.

Want to keep things simple? There’s nothing wrong with store-bought ice cream, whipped cream, and sprinkles. Just dish it out into glass bowls, dim the lights, and scatter some flower petals on the table. Now you’re thinking like a five-star restaurant!

Work on a Craft or Hobby

A man and woman working on a jigsaw puzzle.

You and your partner might have vastly different interests when it comes to crafts and hobbies. However, it’s fun to merge your skills every once in a while, or try something completely new.

Here are some suggestions:

Start a Book Club

Pick a book to read out loud to each other and read a few chapters as your date night activity. Alternatively, you can both get a copy of the same book, read it, and then discuss it.

Goodreads has a list of Popular Couples Book Club Books, and it has something for everyone.

Not wanting to spend your night staring at a book? Try listening to some audiobooks together. You can do so in front of the fireplace or while sipping hot cocoa (you can even use the mugs you decorated together).

Just keep in mind, these activities work best when you set aside all distractions. If you’re reading or listening on your phone, make sure you block or silence other apps.

A Bubble Bath for Two

Hot water, fluffy bubbles, naked relaxation . . . need we say more?

However, not everyone has a tub that’s big enough for two. If you don’t, take turns soaking in the tub. Meanwhile, the person outside the tub can give the other a foot massage. Make sure you brush up on your foot massage techniques beforehand.

Don’t forget to add some wine and a romantic playlist.

Learn a New Language

Finding the time to learn a new language is hard. However, why not weave it into your date night? This way, you and your loved one will be totally prepared when it’s time to travel the world (when it opens up again, that is).

To get started, download a language app on your phone, such as Duolingo or Babbel. It’ll prompt you with daily practices, and you can even see how you score against your partner.

Then, you can set aside a day for your language date night. See how much you can discuss using only that language. Make meals from the culture of your chosen language or watch a movie without the subtitles.

Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you have to give up on fun! Put the kids to bed early, set out those candles, and create your own adventure! You’ll be glad you made the effort.

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