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5 Ways to Show Your Siblings Some Love, Even When They’re Far Away

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It’s always good to stay in touch with your siblings. If it’s been a while since you’ve talked to yours, though, there’s no better time to reach out and catch up than National Siblings Day, April 10.

Give Them a Call

Maybe you, like many of us, have gotten in the habit of texting more than talking. There’s a lot to be said for hearing somebody’s voice, though, so make a little time for an old-fashioned call.

You don’t have to chat for a long time, but why not take a few minutes to catch up? Wish them a happy Siblings Day, and maybe even sneak in how much they mean to you. In a lot of families, that sort of thing is left unsaid, or everyone thinks it’s just understood. It’s always really nice to actually hear that someone cares about you.

Do a Video Chat

If you’re missing your siblings’ faces, and you can’t go see them, have a video chat. Whether you use Facetime, Facebook’s video chat, Zoom, or some other option, make a plan to get together online.

You can have a cocktail together, eat a meal together, or even make some crafts together—the ideas are endless.

Send a Handwritten Letter

When was the last time you wrote someone a letter? Now is the perfect time to start! Write about some of your fondest childhood memories. Share some of the things you’ve always wanted to tell your sib. Write about what’s going on in your life. Let your sibling know how proud you are of him or her. You can write about whatever you want, just be sure to make it personal.

The cool thing about letters is they’re permanent. Nobody’s going to find your Snapchats or iMessages in a dusty shoebox 30 years from now, but someone might find your letters.

You can also make your brother or sister a card. All you need for a great Siblings Day card is some markers and sturdy cardstock or scrapbooking paper.

Make a Care Package

This is one of my favorites. My sister and I send each other care packages regularly. There are all sorts of themes you can choose from if you want to send your sib a care package. Here are some ideas:

  • Childhood memories: Send some things that were childhood favorites, like books, games, or even toys.
  • Entertainment: Send your sib some books you love, or some new music or a movie you think he or she might like.
  • Food or snacks: If you’re a baker, send some homemade treats. If your sib loves a particular candy or snack, you can send along some of those, too.
  • A creative project: If your sibling enjoys arts and crafts, send some supplies, or a new project he or she can attempt.

You can go with a nostalgic theme, send stuff you know they need, or just send something fun!

Plan a Future Visit

Unless you and your siblings live under the same roof, it might be months before you can see them again. This might be due to the current global pandemic or just because your family is spread out all over.

Start planning a time when you might be able to get together. If you want, you can plan a surprise visit, or you can plan something together as a bonding experience.

A perfect way to pass the quarantine time would be researching a future trip or adventure you and your sibs can undertake when you can finally all get together again!

If it’s been a while since you’ve spoken to your siblings, today’s the day! Reach out via phone or video chat to wish them a happy Siblings Day, and try to get in the habit of keeping up more regularly.

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