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This Keychain Was Designed to Help You Stop Touching Things

hygiene hand

There are a multitude of precautions you can take to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, but what if one of them was not having to touch anything? The Hygiene Hand keychain was created to help you stop things, and it’s incredibly practical.

The Hygiene Hand was developed by StatGear, a company that creates survival gear based in New York. The keychain is made from solid brass and features a round end that allows it to be looped to a keychain or on your finger.

It kind of looks like a regular old key other than its base. The point of the new product, however, is very different. It allows customers to use the brass to do everything from choosing the floor within an elevator, hooking onto doors to help them open hands-free and even using a touchpad for purchases all in the name of stopping the spread of COVID-19.

For those who loved the Hygiene Hand when it was announced back in late March, there’s an exciting new update. On Apr. 13, StatGear announced that the hand preventative tool had gone into production. If you back the project or still want to back the project on Kickstarter to snag your own, you still can. It’ll be heading your way soon.

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