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Wine Delivery Services All Wine-Lovers Should Know About

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During these times of self-isolation and staying indoors, there are things you don’t want to run out of. We’re talking about necessities, like food, toilet paper . . . and wine!

Wine clubs are the perfect way to enjoy new wine year-round without having to leave your home to get it. Whether you want monthly or quarterly deliveries, there’s a club out there for you.

Most wineries around the U.S. offer this service to sell stock outside their tasting rooms. However, besides trying out new and delicious selections, what’s in it for you?

The Perks

Joining a wine club is an excellent way to stay up to date on new trends and taste the latest offerings. As a member, you also often have access to wines that aren’t yet available to the public, and get to try exclusive releases.

You’ll usually get a discount on shipments, or any wine or merchandise purchased from the winery. Most memberships are free to join, and you can leave the club at any time.

Additionally, many send you tasting notes, which provide information on food pairings and serving advice. It’s fantastic for any wine connoisseur.

The Downsides

Like most things, there are a few disadvantages to joining a winery’s wine club. You’ll have to decide if these outweigh the perks.

For example, based on location, shipping charges sometimes exceed any discount. Some companies also can’t legally ship alcohol to certain areas due to state regulations. You can easily find out by typing your location on the company’s website.

Another downside is there’s no guarantee you’ll like the wines sent to you. Most wineries choose wines based on online quizzes taken before selection.

5 Popular Wine Clubs

If you’re an avid wine drinker, signing up for a wine club is an excellent way to try out new, delicious varieties. Here are a few popular wine clubs you should know about.


Firstleaf wine club's wine selecting quiz.

Firstleaf uses an online quiz created with algorithms to help it understand your unique tasting profile. This method guides Firstleaf when choosing which wines you’ll love, and, usually, with exceptional accuracy!

You then rate the wines you receive to help refine and curate wine selections to your unique taste. Not only are wines specially selected for your taste buds, but Firstleaf cuts out the middleman, and saves you up to 60 percent off the retail price.


WSJwine website featuring its $70 bundle of 12 wines deal.

WSJwine (The Wall Street Journal) allows you to choose a case of white, red, or mixed wines. If you sign up for the wine club, you’ll also receive a pair of stemless glasses, and exclusive offers throughout the year.

Whether you want wine delivered to your house, office, or even a friend’s house, WSJ will send you a new dozen every three months. Each delivery comes with expert tasting notes, information about the regional wines, and food pairing tips.

Dry Farms Wine

Dry Farms Wine website.
Dry Farms Wine

Dry Farms Wine prides itself on being the only natural, lab-tested, health-focused wine club in the world.

It offers only the most excellent, pure artisan wines that are all-natural and additive-free. Each bottle is lab tested for purity, lower in alcohol, and sugar-free. If that sounds like your glass of wine, Dry Farms might be just for you!

Here are a few (of the many) health benefits:

  • Sugar-free
  • Lower alcohol
  • No additives
  • Low-carb
  • Keto- and paleo-friendly


The Winc wine club website.

If monthly shipments sound a bit more like your glass of wine, then Winc is the way to go. After you take a short quiz, your palate will be paired with some of the best bottles. You can also take a more flexible approach and choose your containers by editing your cart.

Whenever you purchase four or more bottles, you get free shipping. If you ever need a break, you can cancel or skip any month without being charged.

One Hope Wine

The One Hope Wine club website showing a woman holding a bottle of wine.
One Hope Wine

One Hope is a purpose-driven brand that started with eight, cause-minded entrepreneurs, and their big ideas. What began as crafting and selling wine from car trunks led these driven business owners to the heart of Napa Valley.

One Hope’s commitment to exceptional wine is just as important as its pledge to donate to the causes it supports. So far, the company has donated almost $5 million. If you want to help better the world and drink delicious wine, join the One Hope Winery Club!

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