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Now Is a Great Time to Tackle These 6 Cleaning Projects You’ve Been Putting Off

A bucket filled with cleaning supplies and a mop.

If you feel like you’re running out of things to do during self-isolation, here are a few you may have forgotten. It is, after all, springtime; it’s time to get spring cleaning underway.

Wash Your Windows (Inside and Out)

Spring offers the perfect time to get outside and clean the windows. With spring in the air, you’ll enjoy getting a clear view out the window at all of nature coming alive.

Don’t be afraid to remove screens to get the outsides of your windows clean. Unless you have kids—then all bets are off—the exterior is probably dirtier than the inside. We have some great window cleaning tips and tricks here to help speed up the process and get your windows sparkling.

Wash the Walls

It’s smart to do a deep cleaning of the walls in your home once a year, and spring offers a great time to do this. You’ve been trapped indoors all winter with dust, dander, and dirty kids— you’re walls need a good scrubbing.

There’s a bit more to the process than just slapping a wet rag on your walls though, so for the full rundown check out our guide here.

Tackle the Kitchen Cabinets (And Walls)

The dirtiest walls in any home can probably be found in the kitchen. Kitchens can easily become messy and gross, from floor to ceiling, thanks to the way cooking oil particulate and smoke cling to surfaces.

You could spend a whole weekend cleaning the kitchen the smoke residue and oil splatters off walls and cupboards. Use our tips and tricks to cut through the grime.

Clean Under Your Bed

Man vacuuming huge dust bunnies from under his bed.
Georgy Dzyura/Shutterstock

Whether you use your free space under the bed as a storage area or not, you should take some time at least once a year to sweep under there. Our bed likes to hide sock partners and lots of dust.

Once you’ve kicked up all the dust from under the bed, consider taking some time to wash all your bed linens.

Vacuum Under (And Behind) Furniture

When did you last take time to sweep under the couch or vacuum behind the entertainment center? Now is the right time to get all of those dust bunnies out of the house.

Make sure you’re practicing safe lifting while you’re cleaning under your furniture.


All of the cleaning you just did surely made some dust fly around the house. You may need to do some spot cleaning on the walls. You should be dusting more than once a year, but spring cleaning time allows you to get rid of all of the dust that’s pulled up from pet fur, dead skin cells, and all of the other gross stuff that makes up dust.

Grab some dusters (something that will grab the dust, not just wipe it around), some spray, and clean all the nooks and crannies (don’t forget ceiling fans).

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