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8 Things to Color for Easter if You Can’t Find Eggs

Brightly painted rocks adorned with patterns of lines, dots, and stars.
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Every year, kids and adults alike love dipping eggs in dye and transforming them into pretty, pastel Easter decorations they can eat later. Unfortunately, pandemic supply disruptions are making it difficult to get eggs.

As fear and panic about the pandemic has spread throughout the country, some people have responded by over-purchasing food and other household goods. As a result, basic groceries are now hard to come by for everyone.

You might be struggling just to find enough eggs to eat, let alone having some to color for Easter. This can quickly lead to a lot of disappointed kids, and no one wants that.

If this sounds like your situation, then it’s time to get creative! Dyeing eggs definitely isn’t the only Easter craft your kids can enjoy this holiday. Here are a few other things you can color if you can’t find a carton of eggs.


Coloring rocks is a great way to keep your kids busy. First, they have to head outside and find the perfect rocks. Of course, keep them close—make sure they stay in the yard. Encourage them to find rocks of all shapes and sizes. If that’s not an option, you can always order some fake rocks online.

While they can’t dye rocks with food coloring, they can create whatever design they want with some paint and paintbrushes. They can also dip their rocks in cups of paint if they want things to feel more authentically Easter-like.

Paper-Mache Eggs

Chances are you have some extra time right now to put into a craft project, like paper mache eggs. You just need some balloons, glue, paper, paint, and paintbrushes. Blow up the balloons as big or small as you like, and then make paper-mache molds.

Before you pop the balloon, decorate your paper-mache eggs however you want. If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can cut them in half and fill them with candy.

Coloring Pages

Your kids might not be able to dye actual eggs, but they can still color them on paper! A quick Google search for “Easter egg coloring pages” will send you to lots of free pages you can print out at home. It might not be exactly the same, but it’s fun! When they’re done, you can cut out the eggs and decorate with them.

Plastic Eggs

Plastic eggs are probably the next best thing to real ones. You might already have a big pile of these. Get some paint, markers, and stickers, and let your kids decorate them with any design they want.

You can also order some white plastic eggs so everyone has some to decorate. While these probably won’t take on the color as easily as a real egg, it’s worth a try.


Do they look anything like real eggs? No. Do seashells have anything to do with Easter? No. But they’re still fun to paint! If you live near a location where your kids can find them, shells are a cool alternative to eggs. Get out the paint, and let your kids decorate their shells however they want.


Okay, so you don’t actually color or dye string Easter eggs, but they’re still really cool to create. Basically, you wrap some string around a balloon and glue it as you go so it doesn’t budge. Let the balloon sit for a few hours until the glue is completely dry.

When you’re happy with how the string looks, you can work on popping the balloons. When it’s gone, you’re left with a hollowed-out string design in the shape of an Easter egg. They make very cool-looking Easter decor.

Egg Cartons

If you don’t have quite enough eggs for dyeing, but you do have an egg carton or two, hold onto them! You can reuse them for a fun Easter craft.

You can turn egg cartons into flowers with some paint and creative snipping (this craft might be better for older kids). They might not look like eggs, but flowers are just as perfect for the season.

Toilet Paper Rolls

You know all that toilet paper you’ve been hoarding? Now’s when it will come in handy! Instead of tossing out the cardboard rolls, keep them in a box and break them out when you need a new craft idea.

You can turn toilet paper rolls into the cutest little Easter bunnies! You just need some paint, brushes, a marker, and some googly eyes. They’re simple to make, adorable, and always a hit with kids.

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