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Treat Mom to a Bottle of Her Favorite Wine This Mother’s Day

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Celebrating spring feels like a total bust this year, but there are still ways to show people you are thinking of them. One idea is to have wine shipped to your mom’s house for Mother’s Day.

Even though liquor stores are deemed essential by most states, we have to play our part and stay home as much as possible. Luckily for most of us, we have the option of purchasing wine and other types of alcohol right online.

So, if your mom enjoys sipping on a glass of wine in the evening, gifting a bottle (or two) is an excellent way to show you love her. Here are a few options.

Wine Clubs

Joining a club or subscription is the wine lover’s dream, especially when it’s given as a gift. If your mother loves tasting new types of wine and enjoys staying up to date on trends, then a wine club subscription makes a fantastic present.

Whether you gift a monthly, every-other-month, or quarterly subscription, your mother will have access to exclusive wines, which often come with food pairing and serving advice.

Once you find the right winery, you’ll have to select the state you plan to ship to because some states have strict laws against alcohol shipment. Consider your gift budget, and wine selection and send it off with a sweet note.

Online Wine Stores

Homepage for wine.com displaying that they are the largest selection of wine in the world.

If gifting a wine club subscription seems a bit much, a fantastic alternative is to purchase from an online wine store.

Websites like Wine.com offer vast selections of wine, and a convenient live chat with an expert to help guide you in selecting the perfect bottle. Before making selections, be sure to check if the online store can legally ship to the state you choose.

You can either select a few bottles that you think your mother will love, or take a look at curated wine gift sets, or gift baskets. Most online stores also sell merchandise and offer gift cards as well.

Gifting a wine bottle is an excellent way to show someone you care about them. Certain vintages may mark special occasions or anniversary dates.

Plus, there is no pressure for the recipient to drink it because the wine only improves over time. Not to mention, a bottle of wine is aesthetically pleasing and tastes lovely, too.

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