Waffle House’s Waffle Mix Is Sold Out (But Fresh Stock Is Coming)

waffle house mix
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On Apr. 8, Waffle House’s waffle mix — yes, the real thing — went on sale online. Twenty-four hours later, the batter was sold out. Don’t despair if you love Waffle House’s signature dish. The brand is working on getting it back.

Waffle House’s waffle mix went on sale on Apr. 8 with a 3-pack of the mix for just $20 and each pack making between 5-6 waffles. People jumped on the deal quickly. Within hours, the joy of official Waffle House waffles at home was stolen from those unable to make the purchase.

The breakfast chain, however, isn’t going to let its loyal fans down. According to subsequent social media posts, the waffle mix will be restocking — Waffle House just is not sure when. The brand explained to disappointed fans on social media that they are attempting to get the product back as soon as possible and to follow them on their channels to be the first to know.

While you wait for the eventual restock, there are other options. Waffle House’s online store features everything from apparel like hoodies and baseball caps to board games like Waffle Opoly and official Waffle House coffee. 

You may be waiting to get your waffle mix, but you can still show your support for the brand in other ways.

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