Recreate Disney’s Delicious Churros at Home with This Official Recipe

Disney churros
Disney Parks/YouTube

Quarantine baking is blowing up the internet, and there’s a new recipe to add to your list of to-try items. Disney’s churro recipe is on the internet, and now’s the perfect time to make these bite-sized bits of fried dough.

Recently, Disney gave a shout out to park lovers who have been recreating treats from the theme parks at home during the quarantine and offered them a baking shelter-in-place gift.

You can now find the recipe for Disney’s churro bites on the Disney Parks website. According to the site, the recipe feeds four, and the studio recommends indulging in the worldwide treat while taking advantage of its many virtual park tours like the “Magic Happens” parade or the behind-the-scenes video of Disney Imagineering.


Being able to access the parks’ famous churros is exciting, but you might be even more pleased to discover that the recipe isn’t that complicated. Altogether, the recipe calls for just eight common household ingredients. Sure, you do need to fry the dough, but overall even a beginner chef can recreate this Disney recipe.

The next time you’re considering baking some sourdough bread, maybe try a churro instead.

[via Delish]

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