Here’s How to Fold Towels Like They Do at Bed, Bath & Beyond

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If you live out of your dryer or laundry hamper, a former Bed, Bath & Beyond employee is here to give you a few tips. Thanks to a TikTok video, the correct way to fold a towel is going viral, and your linen closet will certainly thank you.

TikTok user @@kristinalburn uploaded a short (but informative) video of how she and the rest of the Bed, Bath, & Beyond employees were taught to fold towels, and it’s oddly satisfying. The former employee of the home store first showcases her own closet full of towels that does, in fact, look a lot like the store itself.

Next, she places a towel on a flat surface, folding it to 3/4 length before then folding it half. Once done, she folds one side into the center then crosses the other over the top. The result is a store-worthy display of bath linens.

@kristinalburnhow to properly fold a towel 🤪 ##fyp ##PlayByPlay♬ Chinese New Year – SALES

While it’s not quite the tutorial on how to fold a fitted sheet that we all want and need, the hack for towel folding is still pretty useful. Couple this with Padma Lakshmi’s chip bag folding technique from TikTok, and the video-based social media platform will have our pantries and linen closets folded and organized by the end of quarantine.

[via Apartment Therapy]

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