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10 Helpful Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

A man's hands and arms helping a little boy plant a small tree.
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On April 22, celebrate Earth Day by getting outside and doing good things for your neighborhood. Even if you have to stay home, there are lots of things you can do to help make the world a better place.

Clean-Up Trash on Your Walk

If you’re spending some time outside for Earth Day, make it a point to clean up any garbage you see. Carry a trash bag with you on your walk through the neighborhood or to the park.

Take some disposable gloves along (a little bottle of hand sanitizer would be a good idea, too) to keep your hands clean. You’ll be surprised how much litter you can find at the local park.

Plant a Tree

Plant a tree in your yard! It doesn’t matter what kind, as long as it’s one that will thrive in your location. Plant a flowering tree to add a little pop of color. A fruit tree will bring you some free food in a few years after it matures. Just make sure you do your research—for some trees to bear fruit, you have to plant more than one of them.

If you’re not interested in tending to a fruit-bearing tree, plant an evergreen. It will stay green and gorgeous even during the winter.

Start a Garden

In some areas, it’s still a little too early to start planting a garden outdoors. However, you can still get seedlings going inside. If you don’t have anything to start your seeds in, use the eggshells you have left over from breakfast. You can plant the shell with the seedling inside right in your garden when the time comes—just be sure to add some planting soil.

You can also get started tilling your garden or cleaning out and prepping flower beds, so they’ll be ready when it’s time to plant.

Build a Greenhouse

If you happen to have a small amount of spare wood (or the money to buy some and some plastic) lying around, you can build your own greenhouse. A greenhouse will extend your planting and growing season and save you money on produce in the future.

Start Composting

If you want to create less trash and do something good for your garden, start composting. Composting is easy when you know what to put in and what to toss out.

For example, meat can release unhealthy gasses, so you shouldn’t toss it in a composter or on the compost pile. You can also put more than food items in there, too.

Learn About Invasive Species

Invasive species of plants and animals are all over the world. Many of these also aren’t native to the area in which they’re found.

In some places, those in control of natural resources permit the destruction of invasive species (both plants and animals) because of the destruction they cause. Research the invasive species in your area. Take some time and get rid of invasive plants around your yard or neighborhood.

Get Creative with Recyclables

Recycling, of course, is good for the environment. But what if you could cut down on how much you put in the recycling bin or haul off to the recycling center?

If recycling isn’t available in your area, consider some of the following creative ways to cut down on trash:

Invest in Insects

Bugs do a lot of great things for the environment, so consider making your yard a friendly place for them. Plant flowers that attract bees and butterflies, including milkweed (a must for Monarch butterflies).

If certain bugs used to be common in your area, but seem to be scarce now, you can order some eggs online. Reintroducing these bugs to the area will help everyone.

Another great thing you can do—if you have the time, energy, and money—is start a bee farm. Bees are beneficial to gardens, flowers, and our food supply. Plus, they make honey.

Build a House for Birds or Bats

If you have some minor carpentry skills and some spare wood lying around, you can make some new yard ornaments that will help the animals in your area. Birdhouses are easy to make, and you can make them out of wood, recycles plastic containers, and more. You can also make bird feeders.

Bats are extremely good for the environment because they eat mosquitoes, among other bugs. Invite bats to hang out in your yard with a bat house.

Make It a No Emissions Day

Want to do something really good for the planet on Earth Day? Reduce the air pollution! Here are a few things you can do to make the air cleaner, even if it’s only for one day:

  • Put down your cigarettes for the day.
  • Leave your car at home and walk wherever you have to go.
  • Put off mowing the lawn until next week.

There are lots of fun, environmentally friendly ways you can celebrate Earth Day right in your own home or yard. Plus, almost all of them will beautify your property and make it a more pleasant place to hang out.

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