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These 8 Sheet Pan Recipes Are Perfect for Easy Weeknight Meals

Garlic Herb Butter Chicken and Potatoes, Pork Tenderloin and Potatoes, and a Veggie Shawarma bowl.
Cafe Delites/Le Creme de la Crumb/Plays Well with Butter

When it comes to cooking, we’re always looking for convenience. Save yourself some time and extra cleanup with a delicious, easy-to-make sheet pan dinner!

Sheet pan dinners are an ingenious oven-roasted take on those ever-popular one-pot meals. Both offer a quick, easy way to make enough food to feed your entire fam in record time. Here are 10 delicious sheet pan suppers you can make without having to do a massive cleanup after.

Teriyaki Salmon and Vegetables

A sheet pan full of Teriyaki Salmon and Vegetables.
Le Creme de la Crumb

Not only are sheet pan dinners a perfect way to create a delicious meal using only one pan, but they are great for lunch prepping matters, too.

This teriyaki salmon provides so much flavor, thanks to the homemade teriyaki sauce, and includes meal prep instructions. That way, you can make a delicious meal with plenty of leftovers for lunch.

Garlic Herb Butter Chicken and Potatoes

Garlic and Herb butter chicken plated with potatoes and green beans.
Cafe Delites

If your go-to protein is chicken, then this delicious herb chicken smothered in butter and potatoes is for you! This healthy, but tasty meal uses a secret butter sauce that cuts the usual amount of fat in half.

What’s the secret? Well, you’ll have to dig in and find out!

Sheet Pan Fajitas

A Sheet Pan full of chicken fajitas.
Damn Delicious

We’ve found a new and improved method for creating the most straightforward fajitas ever: the almighty sheet pan! These fajitas only take about 10 minutes of prep, and then your oven does the rest.

Serve them up with some pico de gallo and guac, and your entire crew is sure to love (and request) it. Be sure to line the pan for extra-easy cleanup.

Shrimp Boil

A shrimp boil dinner consisting of corn, potatoes, shrimp and andouille sausage all scattered on a sheet pan.
Damn Delicious

Did you ever think you could put together a sheet pan shrimp boil? The author over at Damn Delicious sure did! But before we go on, we should disclose that this recipe does involve boiling the ingredients, which makes it more of a one-pot and sheet pan dinner.

So, yes, there’s a little extra cleanup with this one, but the results are totally worth it! Enjoy the buttery corn and potatoes with old bay seasoned shrimp and a spritz of fresh lemon juice.

Pork Tenderloin and Potatoes

A pork tenderloin and potatoes sheet pan supper neatly arranged with a fork.
Le Creme de la Crumb

Another excellent go-to if you’re looking for a meal that offers both character and convenience, it doesn’t get more crowd-pleasing than pork tenderloins and potatoes. Both tasty and satiating, once you make this one, your family will ask for it again and again.

Add some green beans and/or carrots to your roasting pan if you’d prefer some extra veggies, and be sure to line the pan with aluminum foil for easy cleanup afterward.

Sheet Pan Steak and Veggies

A sheet pan full of steak and veggies.
Damn Delicious

Feast your eyes on this boldly seasoned, tender steak and potatoes dinner, all arranged on a solid sheet pan for convenient cooking.

This is a great way to cook up steak indoors on a rainy day. Not only will it feed your entire army, but it’s also aesthetically pleasing, so be sure to post some pics of your pretty pan up on Instagram.

Veggie Shawarma Bowls

Two gorgeous shawarma bowls filled with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, cucumber.
Plays Well with Butter

Boy, do we have a Meatless Monday dinner idea for you here. Shawarma is a popular Middle Eastern dish, similar to a Greek gyro. This delicious vegan shawarma bowl is packed with cauliflower, sweet potatoes, and chickpeas.

The shawarma seasoning is what provides that extra punch of flavor. It also calls for cumin, paprika, turmeric, cayenne pepper, and more. You can take it a step further by stuffing a soft pita or naan bread with the ingredients and enjoying it in sandwich form.

Sicilian Pizza

Hot and bubbly sicilian pizza topped with tomatoes, mushrooms bacon and mozzarella cheese.
Billy Parisi

Sicilian pizza is, in short, a fancy way of saying sheet pan pizza, so there’s already a good chance you’ve made it before.

If not, Bily Parisi has included his delicious recipe for pizza dough, followed by a tutorial with images to help you along the way. Get creative with your toppings and get ready to enjoy every mouth-watering bite.

Whether you love cooking or love to hate it, these sheet pan dinners are the perfect solution for those busy weeknights when you just don’t have time to spend an hour on prep. Plus, if you have any leftovers, that’s tomorrow’s lunch!

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