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Get Creative by Making Your Own Storybook

Mother and daughter working on designing a children's book together.

Have you dreamed of creating our own children’s storybook? Or maybe your kids are begging for something fun to do. Here’s a perfect opportunity to turn your creative ideas into a reality.

StoryJumper is a fantastic tool for creating your own storybook. No need to find an agent or hunt down a book publisher to see your work in print. You get 100 percent creative freedom here, and a final result you can share for generations to come.

You can also add collaborators to your project and allow friends, relatives, or colleagues to contribute ideas. It’s a great way for friends to work together while sheltering-in-place during the pandemic.

If you’re a teacher who’s been affected by the coronavirus, StoryJumper is currently offering free support. Your students can even create unlimited online book projects for free! So, how about assigning “make your own book” to this week’s homework list?

Here’s a quick summary of how easy it is to create your own book.

Sign Up for Free

Start by creating a free account. This will enable you to explore, dabble, and experiment with different designs and templates. You can create multiple books simultaneously, without any pressure to buy anything.

Don’t forget to hit save often—you never know when you’ll stumble upon a masterpiece.

Choose and Design Your Book

First, you choose a template from one of five designs. All templates allow you to create characters, add props, and write your own text, even if it’s a pre-written story.

Next, experiment with the editing tool. If you’re feeling stuck, you can take a peek at other published stories in the StoryJumper library. You can also read the StoryStarter Guide and find out how to create a compelling children’s story in seven easy steps.

You can choose from the following book templates:

  • Blank: A wide-open canvas, ready for all your ideas! You can select backgrounds, characters, props, and type your own text. Want to include real photos? You can upload or select some from the StoryJumper resource library.
  • ABC’s: Each page allows a one-word choice, such as “A is for ____.” This one is a perfect option for young children learning to master the alphabet.
  • All About Me: A fun project for creating long-lasting memories. Each page features a prompt, such as “My Favorites,” “Sports,” or “Interesting Facts.”
  • Hero: A pre-written story, complete with illustrations. You can personalize it by adding a child’s name, and choosing a girl or boy hero. You can also add extra text, scenes, characters, and so on. The only downside is you can’t edit the main character, so he or she might not look anything like your child.
  • The Monster: Help save the kingdom from this scary monster! Parts of this story are written and illustrated, but there’s still space for you to add more—including a dramatic ending!

Narrate Your Book


Every book design has multiple audio options to help bring the story to life. If you purchase a hard-copy book, it comes with a link, and you can listen to the narration online.

To get started, record someone reading the story. Your child can read for different characters to add a level of authenticity. Don’t worry—you’ll have multiple attempts to get it right.

Next, add some background music. The site has a variety of options. Unfortunately, you can’t add your favorite pop hits.

Finish up by including some awesome sound effects, such as a dog barking or dinosaur roaring. Again, the site has plenty of sounds in its library.

Purchase Your Book

Once you’re happy with your final project, click “Buy” and follow the instructions.

There are five options to consider:

  • Online (Free): That’s right, you can create and share online books for free.
  • Hardcover ($24.99): Includes a voice link.
  • Paperback ($12.99): Includes a voice link.
  • eBook ($2.99): You can download and print.
  • Audiobook ($2.99): You can download in MP3 format.

Share Your Creation

A grandfather reading a book to his granddaughter.

There’s no need to be shy here. You (or your kids) created your own storybook. How cool! You should be very proud.

StoryJumper has several options for spreading the word about your work of art:

  • Make it public: If you select this option, your book will be included in the StoryJumper public library (if it meets the requirements). It will also be searchable on Google. Who knows? You might become famous.
  • Share with family and friends: You’ll receive a link you can send to people, as well as one you can post directly to Facebook and Twitter.
  • Embed on your website: You can follow the instructions to embed your published story directly on a website.
  • Remix: You have the option of allowing future StoryJumper members to copy and re-create your story. What a cool way to keep your idea growing!

Putting together your own book is a great way to channel some creative energy. It’s also a wonderful project for kids who are stuck at home. Start playing around and see where the adventure takes you.

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