Waffle House’s Waffle Mix Is Back

Waffle House Waffle Mix

Move over, sourdough. There’s a new must-make quarantine food. Waffle House’s waffle mix is back in stock, and you’ll want to make breakfast for dinner as soon as it’s on your doorstep.

The newly restocked waffle mix is available now at the Waffle House shop. The jumbo version of the powdered mixture creates 20-24 waffles and retails for just $15. The original drop of the chain’s famous waffles was broken up into three separate containers, but apparently, the brand thought better of that decision and dropped this jumbo version instead.

The mix isn’t alone, though. Waffle House also launched its famous hashbrowns. The delicious shredded potatoes retail for the same low price point as the waffles. Whether you want them covered, smothered, chunked, diced, or any of the chain’s other myriad of potato iterations, you can no create them at home.

If you’d rather stick to to-go orders from Waffle House for now, that’s fine. You can check out the chain’s other shopping offers—like hoodies and phone cases. For those looking for a little taste of this famous chain’s most iconic foods at home, it’s time to go shopping.

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