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This Companion Planting Chart Will Help Your Garden Thrive

A woman watering plants in her garden with a traditional metal watering can.

Few things are as satisfying as having a garden full of produce you grew yourself. Yet sometimes, you can get nothing but empty garden beds and disappointment. Companion planting can help prevent that. Check out this explainer next time you put your green thumb to work. 

Plants are just like people: they only thrive if those around them don’t kill their vibe. In other words,  to have a rich and bountiful garden, you first need to consider plant dynamics. For example, did you know that carrots shouldn’t be planted next to potatoes, and that garlic hates peas? 

Pairing certain plants together can encourage co-operation, with some providing shade for their neighbors, and others supplying more nutrients to the soil for everyone’s healthy growth. 

Companion planting has numerous benefits, both for your plants and for you. Not only can it help your garden prosper, but it can also give you bragging rights for your gardening skills. 

If you’re new at this game and you’re looking to grow your own greens to enjoy for free, Carly Fraser from LiveLoveFruit has created a go-to guide to companion planting that will tell you everything you need to know about this fascinating practice. She even created a handy chart that will let you play garden architect in your own backyard.

A companion planting chart showcasing how to plant compatible plants together.
Live Love Fruit

Feeling the urge to get your hands dirty yet? Put on your overalls and get outside. It’s time to do some gardening!

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