This Ziplock Hack Doubles the Size of Your Bag

Ziploc bags full of veggies in a refrigerator.
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The internet is a wonderful place, and it’s not just because of cat videos. There are also a plethora of useful home tips. The latest is a ziplock hack that will double the size of your freezer bag.

You can double the size of your ziplock bag with another ziplock bag—yes, really! Once you hear how it works, everything will make sense. To create double the storage space, simply use one bag, as usual. Then, take a second one and turn it inside out. Then, simply attach the zip ridges to each another. Because you’ve turned the second bag inside out, the two join as if they’re one.

See the image below from a clever person on Reddit, who used the double-bag method to create a dust cover for a keyboard prior to shipping it.

A keyboard sealed in two Ziplock bags.

Sure, you might not need two full-size ziplock freezer bags right now. But next time you need to wrap a large object or freeze a roast, this hack might just be the best way to do it.

[Via Apartment Therapy]

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