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10 Great Podcasts for New Parents to Binge

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Being a new parent is just as exhilarating and terrifying as everyone says. You’re filled with love for your new baby, but also exhausted, overwhelmed, and the happiest you’ve ever been. Oh, and you’re also trying to keep a tiny human alive. That’s a lot of pressure!

There’s obviously no shame in seeking some outside help and advice. There are plenty of great parenting books out there, but, as you probably know, you barely have time to sit down and read the newspaper, let alone an entire book. Enter podcasts: you can listen to them while you’re cleaning, feeding the baby, or sitting there nap-trapped.

There are lots of excellent podcasts for new parents that will give you some much-needed advice on every topic you can imagine. They’ll also help you feel less alone, as you navigate this new normal. Let’s check out some of the best.

The Longest Shortest Time 

"The Longest Shortest Time" website.
The Longest Shortest Time

Probably one of the most popular parenting podcasts ever, The Longest Shortest Time was an award-winning creation by mom, Hillary Frank. Although new episodes are no longer produced, it ran for about a decade, so there’s plenty to keep you busy for a while.

Episodes focus on pretty much everything a new mom and/or dad would find interesting. Frank is open and transparent about what it’s really like to be a mom today, and lots of episodes feature special guests, including celebrity moms. There’s a ton of content to go through, whether you want advice, something to make you laugh, or something to make you cry.

Zen Parenting Radio 

Cathy and Todd Adams from "Zen Parenting Radio."
Zen Parenting Radio 

While The Longest Shortest Time might have been made with moms in mind, Zen Parenting Radio is perfect for both moms and dads. It was created by married couple Cathy and Todd Adams, who are self-help advocates and the parents of three daughters. They discuss a mindful, compassionate approach to parenting that isn’t too crunchy, with lots of fun pop culture references along the way.

Each episode is full of great information with two different viewpoints. Todd is known for being more practical and analytical, while Cathy is more emotional and spiritual. The combination makes for content that’s engaging and helpful without being too preachy. Check it out here.

Mom and Dad Are Fighting 

The "Mom and Dad Are Fighting" website. 
Mom and Dad Are Fighting 

Hosted by writers Jamilah Lemieux and Dan Kois, this Slate-powered podcast is smart, helpful, and covers every parenting topic you can think of. There are episodes on everything from whether older kids can have breastmilk and how to deal with pandemic boredom, to how much is too much to ask of grandparents.

Episodes also typically include special guests. Lemieux and Kois share personal stories—both good and bad—and everything is conversational and weirdly soothing to listen to. Check it out here.

Mum Talk

The "Mum Talk" website.
Mum Talk

Mum Talk is perfect for any new mom (or mom-to-be) who’s looking for a friend while spending time at home with a new baby. Created by lifestyle blogger and yoga teacher, Emma Jaulin, Mum Talk was a way for her to share her journey from pregnancy to becoming a new mom. It feels really personal—like you’re actually chatting with a close friend.

Jaulin also regularly brings on guests, including other new moms, pediatricians, and experts, so you learn a lot as you go.

Some of the episodes also indicate how far into parenting she is at that point (“10 Months in,” “11 Months in,” and so on). This makes it easy to find the stage you’re at. Check it out here.

Babes and Babies 

The "Miraculous Mamas" image on the "Babes and Babies" website.
Babes and Babies

If you’re a pop culture-loving mama, then Babes and Babies is for you! This podcast is hosted by Jade Roper, Carly Waddell, and Elizabeth Sandoz from the reality TV show, The Bachelor. They aren’t afraid to get super-real with listeners, and it’s also really hilarious and informative. They open up about all aspects of motherhood, including pregnancy, childbirth, and a ton of other women’s issues. And judgment isn’t allowed, which is refreshing.

They also have lots of celebrity guests, as well as doctors, who offer helpful advice and info. Check it out here.

First Class Fatherhood 

The "First Class Fatherhood" logo. 
First Class Fatherhood 

Don’t worry—not every parenting podcast is for moms. First Class Fatherhood is an excellent choice for dads who are looking for a little guidance. Created by Alex Lace, father of four, this is easily one of the most popular fatherhood podcasts. Lace is determined to change the narrative about modern fatherhood.

One of the reasons this one is so well-known is because Lace regularly interviews famous dads, like NFL player Tom Brady, as well as high-profile Navy SEALS. He focuses on showing what it’s really like to be a dad, and it’s entertaining, but helpful. Check it out here.

One Bad Mother

The "One Bad Mother" logo.
One Bad Mother

Sometimes, being a parent is so hard and ridiculous, the only way to get through it is to laugh. Fortunately, there’s a podcast to help you do just that! One Bad Mother is hosted by comedians Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn, and it’s all about motherhood, and how totally unnatural it can be.

There are over 400 episodes, covering everything from embarrassing mom moments to the parenting questions you’ve always wanted answered. Every conversation is honest and funny, which is just what you need sometimes.

They have regular guests, and even take calls from listeners who share their own funny moments and fails. Check it out here.

The New Normal 

"The New Normal" website.
The New Normal 

The New Normal’s tagline describes it perfectly: “a podcast for multitasking parents.” It’s hosted by Emma Clark Gratton and Tess McCabe, two moms who met online. They’ve experienced many of the same parenting challenges and problems all of us have.

Each episode features a special guest, who talks about life, kids, partnerships, or working while taking care of kids.

There’s a big emphasis on finding a balance between work and parenting. It’s fun, honest, and helpful. Check it out here.


The "PediaCast" website, featuring a photo of host, Dr. Mike.

If you want thoughts and advice from professionals, you’ll love PediaCast. Hosted by Dr. Mike Patrick, a board-certified pediatrician and fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, PediaCast’s comforting tagline is “Parents have questions. PediaCast has answers.”

Every episode offers detailed, up-to-date answers to all your most pressing questions. Peer-reviewed medical journals are searched, so you only receive evidence-based answers. All of that confusing scientific language is also translated into something you can understand—and, somehow, it still manages to be entertaining. This is a great podcast to listen to if you regularly dial up your pediatrician’s office. Check it out here.

Parenting Great Kids 

The "Parenting Great Kids" website.
Parenting Great Kids

For more expert advice (medical and beyond), give Parenting Great Kids a listen. This podcast brings together the smartest minds in the parenting and medical communities to give you the best advice possible.

Recent topics range from how to talk to your kids about coronavirus and how to raise a strong daughter, to what hospitals don’t tell you. These words of wisdom and pieces of expert insight are comforting for any new parent who’s feeling lost or alone. Check it out here.

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