White Claw Slushies Are the Latest Quaran-Recipe Trend

white claw slushie
White Claw/Instagram

You’ve probably seen 8,000 loaves of sourdough bread on social media thanks to the uptick in baking during social distancing, but there’s a new trend on the horizon. White Claw slushies are taking over TikTok and Instagram, and these icy drinks are ideals for the upcoming warmer weather.

Highly alcoholic slushies are the new way to spend your quaran-days if social media is to be believed. Blended drinks made with White Claw and various liquors (hence, the high alcohol content) are flooding platforms, but they can be somewhat traced back to film product Julie Abner. She’s reported to be the first TikTok user to create the drink when she combined Tito’s Vodka, a White Claw, and berries to create her slushies in an NSFW video. Since then, recipes have ballooned.

@juuliaabnerHow to enhance your White Claw. ##whiteclaw ##quarantinelife ##fyp ##comedу♬ original sound – juuliaabner

Now, if you head to TikTok and look up the tag WhiteClawSlushie, you’ll get over 76,000 people recreating various takes on Abner’s drink. If you search the White Claw hashtag on Instagram, you’ll get a multitude of images of people’s creations as well.

The next time you want a spring-ready cocktail, it may be time to get in on the latest drink trend—sorry dalgona coffee. 

[Via People]


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