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Whipped Strawberry Milk Is the New Dalgona Coffee

A bowl and whisk with whipped strawberry milk in it, beside the finished product.
Valentina Mussi/Instagram

There’s a new must-make recipe hitting the internet, but it’s not baking-related so don’t worry about tracking down flour. Whipped strawberry milk is one of the latest beverages to take over social media, and this frothy pink creation may just replace everyone’s fixation on dalgona coffee.

To understand the appeal of whipped strawberry milk, first you need to know about dalgona coffee. The South Korean-inspired drink is the beverage you’ve been seeing online that basically looks like a coffee milkshake with the brew frothed on top and a milk base. The beverage is made by combining instant coffee, sugar, and hot water and whipping it until it becomes frothy. Now, there’s a strawberry counterpart that appears to take direct inspiration from it.

Instagram food influencer Valentina Mussi created the new drink on Instagram (to the tune of over 600k likes), and it’s clear to see why people love the drink. It’s just so pretty.

To make the pink-hued concoction, you’ll need strawberry Nesquick and heavy cream. Just like Dalgona coffee, you simply combine the ingredients and whisk until your arm feels like it’s going to fall off, or if you’re fancy, you can use a mixer.

The result is a cotton candy-looking whipped creation that may just be your new go-to treat.

[Via Glamour]

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